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The Rebel

Rebel Onyx
Rebel Hydro Blue
Rebel Herb Green

The Rebel

UPDG Lifetime Guarantee

Our top-of-the-line tournament bag

Size: 21” tall, 22.5” tall (with handle), 17” wide, 19” wide (with water bottle pockets), 3.3lbs

The Rebel is our top-of-the-line pro touring bag with 30+ disc capacity and hundreds of verified 5-star reviews.

New Onyx color!

A top customer request. Onyx is known for grounding, protection, and as a shield against negative energy. It also enhances discipline, allowing more ease in following through on goals and completing tasks, like that par save in your future.

  • The Rebel Onyx is our first disc golf bag made with certified recycled materials - 100% recycled polyester main and accent fabrics. Why? Because we all care about our environment
  • The Rebel Onyx is rebuilt from the ground up with improved materials, stitching, and sustainability in mind.
    • Stronger sidewalls w pre-installed reinforcements
    • Larger round feet for even more stability
    • Strong and stable with a pre-installed base insert that simply folds down and tucks under corner flaps for security
    • Velcro areas on both water bottle pockets for patches
  • The Rebel Onyx is the same price as our previous model. Why? Because we offer a fair, everyday price and we don’t make you wait for a “flash sale."

Intertek Quality Assurance Global Recycled Standard

Top Rebel bag features for both the Rebel Hydro Blue and the Rebel Onyx include:

  • Extra Large Storage: The Rebel disc golf bag is the roomiest of our entire bag line. It holds over 30 discs, as well as a large side storage area, front storage area, interior sidewall pockets, detachable Velcro compartments, deeper pockets for mini discs, a compartment for bottles, and a Velcro strap for a chair or umbrella.
  • Built To Last: This bag keeps you packed and ready and promises years of reliability. Every detail of the Rebel has been crafted with your success in mind: premium fabric inside and out, a FREE rain fly, a waterproof base, and five wear-resistant feet. 
  • Adjustable Compartments: The inside of this disc golf backpack has removable Velcro compartments where you can effortlessly separate your gear and change the size on either side, or remove them completely for extra room to groove.
  • Protects Your Investment: Good discs don't come cheap, and they're certainly not easy to come by.  This backpack protects your valuables and discs from the elements, scratches, and scrapes. The material is breathable, scratch-free, and sturdy, keeping your valuables safe and dry.
  • Brilliant Design: When it comes to sheer design, we don't compromise on anything. This disc golf bag features some of the coolest and most intriguing designs developed over years or refinement. It has that sporty, mountainous feel to it. Color collections are designed by feedback from our customers, and each choice feels like a completely different bag. Just pick your favorite.
  • Comfortable: Even though it has dozens of large pockets, including double-sized pockets, mini pockets, and a storage capacity of over 30 discs, this disc golf backpack is brilliantly designed to distribute the weight so that carrying it is a breeze. At just 3.3 pounds, it stays light, no matter how much gear you load.

Comfort – Durability - Capacity

There is no correct layout for the Rebel - every pocket can hold discs and every pocket can hold your stuff.

  • 30+ disc storage capacity
  • Two huge stretch bottle pockets (2 bottles or 2-3 discs per side)
  • Front zipper accessory storage
  • Abrasion-resistant, waterproof base

Discs and accessories not included with purchase.

Click to view base insert instructions 

Click to view how to attach the Rainfly

Disc Golf bag positioning

Disc Golf Bag Comparison

Rebel Shift Trainer Draw
Style Pro-Tour bag Lightweight & versatile bag Your bulk storage bag Affordable beginner bag
Storage 30+ discs 18+ discs 40+ discs 11+ discs
Height 22.5" 20" 9.5" 19"
Width 19" 13" 9.5" 16"
Depth 11" 10" 24" 3.5"
Weight 3.3 lbs 2.5 lbs 2.0 lbs 1.2 lbs

Customer Reviews

Based on 247 reviews
Zack Finwall
Can’t stop won’t stop

Wow. The new recycled onyx rebel is amazing! Such a strong and durable lightweight bag! Perfect for any kind of round! Get you one today!

Ruth Weller
Christmas Gift

Wow!!! I am impressed by the quality of this bag, it is worth the price. My son is going to love it. I am happy that it arrived so quickly, no worries about having a great gift under the tree for him. Thank you.

Dominic Taillon
Best bag out there!

No doubt the best on the market for tournament play. Lots of room for discs, very light; plenty of pocket space for towels, etc.

Nathan Alleman
Great Bag + Great Service!

First off, the bag is great: well made, lots of storage, thoughtful touches all around. So pleased that a rain fly was included as well! The ads say 30+ discs which is quite possible if you have nothing in the side pockets and few mids, which take up more room. I've got 28 on board with 4 mids on one side of the main area and 3 drivers in one side pocket, so recognize the capacity available. That said, the bag is VERY comfortable and supportive, even with load of discs. The side water bottle pockets hold 32 oz bottles, and back padding is so supportive and comfortable, and the base is very solid. Also, the Onyx grey/black is badass.
I also want to take a moment to note how standup Upper Park is with their lifetime support - I had a defect in my prior bag and they straight-up replaced it. Wow. So, buy with confidence!

Chris Zagone
I’m definitely sold 😎😎

Two rounds into using this bag, I knew! It’s just such an easy ride. This bag is designed with efficiency in mind & I’m here for it.