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In business to make the game better for everyone.

Since 2011 Upper Park Disc Golf® has focused on disc golf bags and accessories with unique styles, innovative designs, and unmatched comfort. We use cutting edge design techniques and durable, outdoor materials with a lifetime guarantee, so you can focus on what really matters - throwing those perfect shots!

Disc golf is more than just a game – it is an opportunity to come together to foster relationships, build community, and promote healthy lifestyles. At Upper Park Disc Golf, we strive to embody these values in all that we do.

Our Core Values

Play different ®  At Upper Park Disc Golf®, we recognize the importance of playing differently and striving to be creative with the game. We believe that playing different means exploring new styles of play, taking risks, and embracing the challenge of the unknown. We also see it as an opportunity to learn new techniques, push ourselves to become better players and find new ways to enjoy the game.

Create legendary relationships – We believe in the power of coming together to create a friendly, inclusive, and supportive atmosphere for all. We strive to be welcoming to all and to foster a sense of belonging for all those that participate in our events and activities.

We strive to treat all individuals with respect, no matter their level of experience playing disc golf. We also demonstrate respect by being mindful of the impact of our presence in nature and by being mindful of the rules and regulations of disc golf.

We strive to create a fun and safe environment for all with an emphasis on learning, competition, and camaraderie. We make sure to keep a positive attitude and to always find joy in the game.

Be a good human - At Upper Park Disc Golf®, we strive to promote good values and be responsible citizens in our community and in the world. We strive to be kind, compassionate, and understanding of others, and to use our platform to spread positivity and understanding. We believe in being open-minded and accepting of all genders, races, sexual orientations, and religions. We are also committed to sustainability and protecting the environment in which we play. We strive to make our actions and words reflect our core values.

Enjoy the ride – We strive to make the most of each experience and to find joy in the journey. We take the time to appreciate the good times, the bad times, and every moment in between. We believe that the best way to enjoy disc golf is to take it one shot at a time, savor each moment, and find joy in the challenge.

So when you buy from Upper Park Disc Golf know you're buying from a company that loves the game as much as you do.  

Upper Park Disc Golf®. Play Different.®


We all care about our environment so we've taken these steps as part of our sustainability efforts:

We were the first disc golf company to make disc golf bags in October 2022 and we will continue to make all of our bags from recycled materials in the future. 

We now ship our disc golf bags in recycled and recyclable polybags.

We offset our carbon emissions from shipping through Shopify Planet.

We are always looking for more ways to build on our sustainability initiatives.

Our Team

Martin Bispels - Co-owner & CEO - Martin is a father of three, husband to one, motorcyclist, photographer, Dead Head, disc golfer, travel nut, and reformed big company business executive. He’s led sales teams with billions in revenue and helped startups get off the ground. Martin lives in Southeastern Pennsylvania where he spends most of his time playing disc golf and working in his barn.

Martin also serves as President of the Board of Directors for Uplay Disc Golf, a non-profit which promotes health, well-being, and enhances communities through disc golf education for all.


Jim Harvey Co-owner Upper Park Disc Golf

Jim Harvey - Co-owner - Jim has been married to the same wonderful woman for 26 years. He's a father of four, international investor, boat captain, enthusiastic outdoorsman, music lover, and a pretty good chef.


Jon Richardson Disc Golf Bag Guru

Jon Richardson - Head of Product Development - Jon started Upper Park in 2011 while attending California State University Chico in CA. He currently lives in Royal Oak, Michigan with his wife Chelsae and their aussie-doodle, Basil. Jon has a passion for bag design and product development, but he also loves home renovations, pickleball, bowling, and disc golf.