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The Rebel
Josh Parlier

Lovin it!

The New 2022 Shift
Brent Allen
2022 Upper Park Shift... Amazing!

I am in awe of this bag. I got a "beginner backpack" when I started playing 2 years ago, which was fine to start. As I started playing more tournaments I immediately began asking questions like "why is this bag so big but holds so little?", "why is this so heavy and uncomfortable?" and "why is it so difficult to access my discs?" Well... this bag addresses all of that. The easy access to my discs is literally insane. And it holds so much more in terms of general storage than it looks (easily holds a hoody, 2 towels, minis, markers, etc. in the main compartment without affecting access to discs). On top of that, it is light, comfortable, stable on the ground and just looks absolutely amazing (p.s. the velcro patch on the water bottle holder is sick!). I got it on a Friday night before a tournament and immediately switched over... didn't even think about my bag the next day! (And I mean that in a good way because all of my previous pain points were gone). Would 100% recommend to anyone!

The New 2022 Shift
Eric Cole
It is the answer I was Looking for!

I don't have to dig through rows of discs tightly packed together to find the one I want anymore. Now I can see 15 discs at once and they slide out easy instead of manhandling them with my previous bag. The 40ounce bottle holder is perfect. I modified my own cart to hold it and it is rock solid! It is so lightweight, I almost don't need a cart anymore (I am a Myasthenia Gravis disabled Disc Golf player. Just like my old Search and Rescue packs back when I was young! The shaped spinal insert that can be custom tailored to your back is the perfect solution to any issues you might have.

The Rebel
Caleb Calebpoitevint@gmail.com

I freaking love the putter pockets and almost everything about the bag. If one thing could be changed I would say a tighter storage on the bottom with all the discs. maybe if pressure was applied from the front more. With this year being so windy my bad has tipped over some making disc fall out easily but only when on hills so I think the best solution is just that tighter big pocket bc you can only do so much for the stability of the bag.

The New 2022 Shift
greg placides
2022 Shift

I am no stranger Upper Parks bags as I’ve owned all of the models.
This is my 3rd shift . My initial issue with the shift was the lack of rigid structure and forward tipping .
All the while it wasn’t until 2021 when UPDG revealed there is a rigid plastic plate insert that needs to be installed before use .
Knowing that now ..the shift is one of the best Disc Golf Bags I own.

Now with the Velcro on the front bottle holder you can now personalize the bag with Velcro patches of your choice .

There was also some new reinforced stitching in high stress areas. It’s so lightweight and for sure the most comfortable bag I’ve Owned .

The New 2022 Shift
Jason Desjardins
love this bag

i got this cause i need a new heart and liver transplant and i needed to lighten my load it was very well made love it

Exactly what I was looking for!

I love this bag, so far! It feels great and carries more discs and great than you would think. It has been perfect for my needs!

The Rebel
Jake Burmester
Great bag, should have got it sooner

I have owned a number of high end different bags. The thing I like best about the rebel is how light it is. I hold 23 discs (I throw alot of putters), and have both inserts in the bottom. But it is a basically the same weight as a different bag I had that only held 17 discs. Very comfortable to carry and plenty of storage. I really enjoy the two upper pockets, putters in the top and approach discs in the bottom upper pocket. Great bag, shouldve bought it sooner.

Ethos synapse.

I was sad that I got blue. Both of them are blue... 🥺

Unfortunately, we don't have any control over the color options for the discs. We do note that colors will vary and there is no choice of color on the website.

The Rebel
Tiffany Bernard

The Rebel

The New 2022 Shift
David Magdeburger
Upper park shift bag

Overall experience was great however I was not aware of the waist strap and pockets on the upper park shift bag. I wish I liked them but they were not of any use to me and we’re more in the way.
I just wanted an easy bag for quick rounds and the straps were weird. Customer service was great and the return process has been fantastic. Would recommend to a friend

The New 2022 Shift
Randy 9518187640
Shift backpack

I went from grip ax3 to the new shift. I love the lightweight feel and the organization of the discs 12-15.. It has plenty of space for wallet, keys, phone, etc… would highly recommend.

The New 2022 Shift
Veronica Silver
Great Bag!

I love this bag. It's easy to carry and I have more access to all my discs.

The New 2022 Shift
David Wood
Great pack for hiking, I'm not hiking.

Pros: I love the storage and layout. The discs slide in and out of their compartments easily. Its has jacket storage space, which was always missing on my bigger bags. It's light weight and comfortable. It sits on the ground nicely in spite of it being more top heavy.

Cons: It's set up like a day pack. It's a comfortable day pack. But I don't want a hiking bag. The problem is, day packs aren't taken on and off every few minutes like a disc golf bag. That means I don't use the chest and waist straps. It's not worth bucking it all up and walking 300 feet to take it off and do it again. The top strap goes uncomfortably across my neck unless I have the shoulder straps cinched up very tight, which is inconvenient for taking a bag on and off. If I don't use the waist strap and so the padded strap ends with pockets are constantly in my arms' way while I walk, they flop around, and are very annoying. I don't want to have to constantly cinch up a hiking bag or have the straps dangling all over the place in my way if I decide not to use them.

Summary: Without the hiking straps it would be a fantastic, lightweight, overpriced, small bag.

The New 2022 Shift
Jared Kyzer

Great bag!

Great disc from a great store

Disc delivered safe. They answered all concerns very fast. Great communication. Will buy from them again.

A Quality Bag w/ a Novel Design

Incredibly comfortable bag. A little tippy. Slightly misleading claims about disc capacity. While I can put 4 or so discs in the bottom of the center compartment, I find that doing so causes discs in the side pockets to warp. That, plus those extra discs then occupy the only space one could stash a jacket or other large item.

My current setup is 14 discs: 6 putters down the middle (2 per pocket) and 4 mids/drivers on each side (2 per pocket). It’s probably a good influence on my game to have to carefully select what I carry and commit to those discs, but I keep fantasizing about this bag easily accommodating several more discs without the miscellaneous storage being displaced.

I would recommend this bag, and I’m very curious to see future designs by Upper Park.

The Rebel
Tyler W.

Awesome bag. Tons of storage and very stable.

The New 2022 Shift
Daniel K.
The ultimate Back Relief

I love this bag. I have multiple back problems and have been using a cart for the last year, but in NC there are multiple courses that are not cart-friendly. I decided I would try out a premium bag to see if they were really worth the hype, and I genuinely believe this is somehow easier on my back than even my cart. I'm not sure how that makes sense, but it's so ergonomic and distributes weight so well that I felt more comfortable with it on my back than I do pulling a cart. 12/10, I'm sold on Upper Park.

The New 2022 Shift
Hal Cauthen
Fantastic bag!!!

I have no other need for another bag…nothing like having the discs right@ your fingertips!!


The plastic looks and feels fantastic, flight numbers I would guess are 8 4 0 2. Would love to fill my UP bag with UP discs!

The Rebel
Tyler Tuthill
Quality, Comfort, and Storage

I've been extremely impressed with the bag since first use. All the materials are clearly of a high quality and the structure is strong but not cumbersome to carry. I am finally able to carry enough discs to where I feel I have every shot covered and its not breaking my back. The layout of the bag is well thought out and accessing all of the discs and returning them to the bag is easy and smooth. The pads on the back allow for comfort and air flow even with a fully packed bag. One issue that I have found is that the backpack straps tend to slip a little but it isn't that big of a deal and a simple solution of just getting them where I liked and then tying them off fixed the issue. Other than that this bag is outstanding and I will be using and recommending Upper Park bags for the remainder of the disc golf career!!

Wonderful Upgrade

I really am liking this bag so far. I upgraded from a simple sling bag. This keeps my discs more organized and is much more comfortable wearing it like a backpack. Good pockets for misc things like wallet, phone, keys, sunglasses etc. I'm even able to fit a telescoping disc retriever vertically and clip it to the towel clip so its in there securely and doesn't interfere with getting discs in or out. Worth the money if you only need 16-18 discs. With 16 discs in my bag I can still fit a hoddie down below. Very happy with this bag.

The New 2022 Shift
Brian harrington
My new everyday bag over my pound bags

I was happily suprised at how many discs the bag fit along with the comfort makes this a great bag for the experienced (old) players like myself to newbies. The bag is as comfortable or more than my pound bags and has become my go to bag for most rounds especially courses with elevation as the lightness will save those legs for your throw. Great bag and love the more neutral colors. I was not a fan of the brighter colors but to each their own

The New 2022 Shift
Chris Hinson
2022 Shift

Was torn between a mid sized Grip or Upper Par Shift. So glad I went w/ the Shift.