Become a Brand Ambassador

Greetings, fellow disc golfer!

Welcome and thank you for your interest in joining Team Upper Park! Our Brand Ambassador program is open to everyone who is passionate about disc golf and designed to reward you for sharing your love of Upper Park Disc Golf, both our products and our Core Values which include "Be a Good Human", "Create Legendary Relationships", "Play Different®", and "Enjoy the Ride." (read more about our core values)

Benefits include:

  • A 15% lifetime discount on purchases from our site
  • A unique code that allows your friends and followers to save 15% on their purchases while earning you a 15% commission. You can share your code anywhere you like, whether it’s on or off the course.
  • Complete visibility of your commissions and regular monthly payouts via PayPal. This is real money, not “points” or “credits.” 
  • Sneak peeks of new product launches and behind-the-scenes updates from our CEO Martin
  • The shared camaraderie with other Team Upper Park team members
  • Surprise perks for team members only!

A few important notes:

1. This is not a sponsorship where you receive free gear. This is a brand ambassador program where you represent our brand by sharing it with others and earn commissions when people use your code to buy from our site!

2. We ask you to make a purchase from our site so that you have first-hand experience of the quality and value of our offerings. We want our ambassadors to truly represent our brand and in order to do so, you’ll need some of our products. You can purchase one of our disc golf bags or a less expensive item like a T-shirt. And you can earn far more in commissions than what you spend.

 2. Our program is open to anyone in the world and we currently ship our disc golf bags to the following countries: United States, Canada, Germany, Austria, Denmark, Finland, Iceland, Norway, Sweden, Spain, France, Netherlands, Estonia, Latvia, and Japan

To join us, just answer a few questions below and we’ll send you details and next steps.

Enjoy the ride!

Upper Park Disc Golf