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Original Designs - Since 2011

Upper Park Disc Golf®️ backpack bags. From beginner to pro, we offer a wide selection of backpack-style bags that will fit the needs of any disc golfer. Our disc golf bags are all premium original designs, lightweight, durable, and made from certified recycled materials, not clunky Cordura like other bags. Available in customer-voted colors and our new Artist Airbrushed designs, our bags carry a lifetime warranty against manufacturing defects.

We offer 3 bags to choose from:

”Rebel” - our fully featured pro touring disc golf bag with 30+ disc capacity.

”Shift” - our lightweight and versatile disc golf bag  Great for all-day comfort and 18+ disc capacity.

”Pinch Pro” - our affordable and spacious disc golf (or every day) bag with 30+ disc capacity.

Upper Park Disc Golf®️ Original designs. Since 2011. Play Different®️

Your Guide to the Best Disc Golf Backpack Bags

Ever stared down a fairway, clutching your disc golf backpack bag, and wondered if there's more to this game than just flinging discs? Ever felt envy as you watched another player effortlessly pull out the perfect disc from their neatly organized bag?

You're not alone. Disc golf is an intricate dance between skill, strategy, and gear management.

Your disc golf backpack isn't just a storage space; it's your mobile command center on the course. A good one lets you carry everything you need while staying comfortable for those long games.

The Essential Disc Golf Bags

A top-notch disc golf backpack is designed with multiple compartments, providing an organized space for each piece of equipment. The main compartment is typically reserved for discs - your go-to tools on the course. It allows you to easily reach in and grab the perfect one when needed.

If you’re looking for a small lightweight disc golf bag that has all the features you need, consider the Shift Disc Golf Bag. With this bag, you get the convenience of a standard backpack-style look and feel, along with the features you’re looking for when on the course. The Shift bag allows you to carry 18+ discs between the large center pocket, vertical disc pockets, and side mesh pockets. Plus, you get extra carrying capacity with features such as a large compartment for your waterbottle and a mini-disc or cell phone compartment.

For those who want a little more space, the Pinch Pro may be the way to go. With a carrying capacity of up to 3+ discs, you’ll have all the space you need. With multiple storage compartments, you can bring along any of your favorite accessories, without worrying about how you’ll cart them around. The Pinch Pro can even be used as a crossover sports bag, so no matter what you’re playing, you have the space you need to get out and have some fun.

Get the most out of your disc golf bag with The Rebel. This large-capacity bag is versatile, with adjustable compartments and a design created to make carrying your discs and accessories simple. With a capacity of 30+ discs and space for everything you need to carry, you’ll quickly find The Rebel becoming an important part of your game. With two extra-large stretch pockets on each side of the bag, you can either pack more discs or ensure you have the water you need while playing. With a waterproof base, you can be comfortable knowing that your items are protected.

The Things You Need for the Perfect Game

Are you looking for more than just the right bag? Look no further! We have a variety of accessories to help make your disc golf game everything you hope for.

Check out our Gear, for accessories such as pins for your backpack, stickers, drinking glasses, patches and more. Add a little fun to your game with disc golf apparel, and show off your love for the game.

No matter which of our disc golf bags you’re most interested in, you’ll get outstanding quality, the carrying capacity you’re looking for, and versatility you’ll love. Our disc golf backpacks are made from recycled materials and are available in multiple colors. Use your bag on the green or as an every-day carrier! Choose your favorite today and get everything you need to organize your game.