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Shift Disc Golf Bag

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Shift Onyx
Shift Dune
Shift RWB

The 2023 Shift Bag

Size: 19” tall, 20.5” tall (with handle), 12.5” wide, 2.5lbs Holds up to 20 discs

Introducing the Dune and Onyx upgraded Shift Bags for 2023!

These lightweight, versatile bags are perfect for any disc golf player. They’re made from certified recycled materials, so you can feel good about helping the environment. The shoulder straps are longer to fit larger players, and the fold-down base insert is easier to install. There are two new colors to choose from - Onyx or Dune - and the same Velcro patch on the front pocket for displaying your favorite patches. And now, with three sets of interchangeable zipper pulls in different colors, you can customize your bag to match your style!

 Dune and Onyx Shift bag upgrades:

  • Rebuilt and improved for 2023
  • Two new colors - Onyx and Dune!
  • Made from certified recycled materials because we care about our environment
  • Longer shoulder straps to fit larger humans
  • New fold-down base insert is easier to install
  • Same Velcro patch on the front pocket for patches
  • Three sets of interchangeable zipper pulls in different colors for customizable style (dune and onyx bags only)

The RWB Shift Disc Golf Bag is a timeless design with game-changing features that make it a reliable choice for disc golfers of all levels. Its durable construction and versatile features allow you to play through any weather condition, while the bag's ergonomic design ensures comfortable carrying for many rounds to come. Whether you're a beginner or a seasoned pro, the classic RWB Shift Disc Golf Bag is a reliable choice that you can rely on for many rounds to come.

Experience Comfort and Durability with The Shift Disc Golf Bags - Play Longer and Stronger than Ever Before!

  • As soon as you slide on The Shift Disc Golf Bag, you'll notice how comfortable it is. This is thanks to the bag's lightweight, ergonomic design, which feels like it was made just for you. Even after carrying up to 18 discs for a full day on the course, you'll still have plenty of energy left thanks to the bag's comfortable fit. The Shift's lightweight construction and original design make it a pleasure to carry, no matter how long your round lasts.
  • Storage is The Shift’s sweet spot, with capacity for plenty of discs and additional gear, including four external pockets made of high-grade mesh that expand to fit snacks, gear, and more. Plus, you’ve got D-Rings for rags and towels and waist stash pockets, too.
  • This is the ideal bag for players that want to play through, no matter the weather. Battle through the heat with a 40 oz insulated water bottle holder and a ventilated back panel. Play on through the rain with the waterproof base and included flap-access rain fly. And don’t be afraid to get a little dirty with the 4 individual feet and an abrasion-resistant, waterproof base that will keep your bag upright and your discs at the ready.
  • Thoughtful custom design elements and upgraded stability make The Shift a great option for athletes of all sizes, even younger players or adults with smaller frames who want access to storage with our ingenious interior design that promotes compact design.

All Shift bags come with an Upper Park Disc Golf patch (a $7.99 value), included with your purchase!


Purchase an additional rainfly.

Get your hands on the legendary Shift Bag today and experience the best in disc golf gear! When it comes to longevity, you won't find a better bag for the price. This bag is built to last.

Size: 19” tall, 20.5” tall (with handle), 12.5” wide, 2.5lbs

Discs and accessories not included with purchase.

Click to watch a video on how to attach the zipper pull

Click to view how to attach the Rainfly (rain cover)

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Customer Reviews

Based on 338 reviews
Conor Maile
Super nice

Has plenty of disc space for people who do not carry a lot of discs. It is also super comfortable.

Tyler Keown
Perfect bag for my needs

The Shift rules!! I have some disability issues following a stroke in the womb which left my right half smaller than my left. Finding a bag that’s light and doesn’t naturally slide to the right side was a journey, but the shift is the first bag that has let me play pain free!!! Will be using this for a long time!

Tommie Yeo
Almost Perfect

This bag is almost perfect. The overall design not only looks neat, but is functional! The quality of the materials seems excellent and time will tell how long it can carry my disc's, and many other things, on the course.

There are just a few minor issues I have. The inside pockets that hold disc's are too flimsy. I'd just rather not fuss with them getting my disc's in and out. Using any kind of support or thicker material would really go a long way here.

The waist strap seems a little lost on me. It's already a lightweight disc golf bag, and I am putting it on and off many times throughout a round. No time for the long haul waist straps. Also, having the shoulder straps connect to the waist pockets can make it a little annoying to put on and off sometimes.

Last nitpick. The sliver pocket that's on the outside of the bag is sewn in a way that only gives access to half of it. It works well enough to hold my phone since it is a stretchy material. I do think it would be more functional if it wasn't effected by the disc's on the pocket.

That's it. In my opinion these are minor issues that can hopefully find their way in to next gens, because I am honestly loving the bag. It's really light, very comfortable on my back and holds everything I need for a round of disc golf. I love having excellent access to my disc's and the design also helps me ensure that I haven't left any behind. Would absolutely recommend for anyone looking for a middle ground option between some of the bigger bags out there and a small side bag. I'll be using this bag out on the course until it falls apart.

Jack Whitley
Amazing bag

This bag is perfect for the golfer who carries 15-20 discs. It's extremely comfortable and you barely notice it on your back. The hip pockets are clutch, and there are several elastic dividers within the pockets for extra storage.

Ben Ramsey
Really comfortable

Came to this bag from a dd combat commander. That is a nice bag but it gets a little heavy and uncomfortable during a long tournament for me. Awesome cart bag though.
That said I love the shift. Haven’t even put my cart in the car yet this year. After the first couple times out the elastic loosened up and am able to fit 17 discs pretty comfortably. Plus room for more in the main pocket. I can think of two improvements to this bag though for cart use and an umbrella. I might just alter mine own cause that would make this bag just that much better. Otherwise I have played quite a few rounds and a tournament with this bag and it’s been a game changer for my back.