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The Draw

Draw Chili Red
Draw Royal Blue
Draw Steel Grey

The Draw

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Size: 19” tall, 16” wide, 3.5” deep(when empty), 1.2lbs

The Draw is our affordable shoulder Golf Disc bag with rave reviews from our customers like:

  • “This disc golf bag is so sweet! Perfect for a round at your local disc golf course. It fits all you need, disc, water and also got some storage for misc. It's also a perfect gift for the new player who is looking for his or her first bag! 5/5 stars”
  • “The Draw v2 is a nicely built, lightweight golf disc carrying solution.”
  • “My friend is fairly tall, maybe 6 foot but it's perfect for her when she goes disc golfing with me. It has great storage for her jacket, drinks, snacks, and camera and of course the 4-6 discs she carries go great in the small pocket. Really lightweight and built well. Great bag for casual players that need a bag to be more multi-use than disc golf specific.”

The Draw is our disc golf backpack answer to the entry-level shoulder bag. This backpack is perfect for the beginner, for the traveler, for the casual thrower, the penny pincher, and everyone in between. We customized the typical  drawstring design by separating the string opening from the shoulder straps. The player can leave the mouth of the bag open, transforming this from a standard gym bag to a functional disc golf bag. 

It's a wonder why it has taken so long to find a base-line disc golf backpack for the masses! We took the liberty to make one ourselves.

Comfort – Durability - Capacity

Using 600D throughout, the disc golf bag design is simple and durable. You'll find a dedicated three-disc pocket upfront for your go-tos and enough storage inside for another seven.

The water bottle pocket can fit whatever you throw at it (hello 40oz of H20) plus there is enough extra space at the bottom for a full-sized jacket.

Add on an outer hook and loop pocket for accessories and a hidden internal slip pocket for extras and you've found yourself the best $20 investment for your disc golf game that you've made all month.

Colors may vary slightly from pictures.

Discs and accessories not included with purchase.

Still reading? See more customer reviews below and get your Draw today!

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Disc Golf bag positioning

Rebel Shift Trainer Draw
Style Pro-Tour bag Lightweight & versatile bag Your bulk storage bag Affordable beginner bag
Storage 30+ discs 18+ discs 40+ discs 11+ discs
Height 22.5" 20" 9.5" 19"
Width 19" 13" 9.5" 16"
Depth 11" 10" 24" 3.5"
Weight 3.3 lbs 2.5 lbs 2.0 lbs 1.2 lbs

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Customer Reviews

Based on 19 reviews
A very nice bag for a round

I picked up a Draw to use when I'm playing and don't need to carry a large number of discs. I had been using a cinch sack, which works fine, but was looking for something easier to use and a little bigger. The quality seems to be very good, it is easy to use, and looks very nice. The zipper pocket in front holds a few discs, and it has a very large storage area. My only complaint is that the shoulder straps could use some padding on them. When the bag gets a little heavier, and has been worn for a while, the straps are not as comfortable as earlier in the round. Outside that, it seems to work well (only had the opportunity to use it once so far.

Meh-There are better options.

It is inexpensive, so I was not expecting much. I bought it to use in the rain instead of my usual bag. Straps are extremely uncomfortable. Other companies have entry-level bags with standard back-pack straps and more bag structure. There are much better options out there around the same price point.

I will say it is as advertised, take a close look at it to make sure it's what you want. The bag does seem to be made well.

Thank you for the feedback! We’re always listening!

Prudence Veysey
amazing bag

Well made, surprisingly roomy, great value for the price.

Gretchen Lager
Gave as a Gift

I gave this to my son for Christmas and he really likes it!

Brian Oakland
Day bag + casual discs.

The Draw bag is really nice as a general purpose drawstring bag that holds a few discs. The front pocket is sized for 5 discs, and the main compartment works well for everything else (you can fit one disc in the internal pocket, but it’s not very convenient to use.) I’m in a small town in Montana, and often skip driving. The bag holds enough discs for a good outing at our local park course, and I can function well through the day storing the extra layers of clothing that are necessary with our local daily temperature shifts. Plenty of room for needed accessories and water.