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CLOSEOUT - Hydrapak 2L Reservoir

Hydrapak with Shape-Shift

"The Snap-Zip Baffle on our new Shape-Shift Reservoirs gives you all the benefits of a baffle (slim profile and reduced jostling), while still allowing you to reverse the system completely inside out; making it one of the most technically advanced hydration reservoirs on the market."

    • 70 oz. (2 Liter):  6 ¾” x 12 ¼”
    • Slider Width: 6 ¾”
    • Shape-Shift Reservoir
    • 36" Hydraflex Tubing
      • Surge Bite Valve
      • Quantum Clip
      • Straight Shot Plug-N-Play Connector

Check out for more information and videos on their reservoirs 

PVC Free

Our entire drink system is PVC Free from the reservoir, connectors, and drink tube.  Some manufacturers still use PVC in their Drink Tubes because it is an inexpensive way to make the tubes flexible.  This goes against our grain of making a healthier product.

       Hydrapak 2L Reservoir


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