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Thought Space Athletics

3rd Run Nerve Muse

3rd Run Nerve Muse

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The ThoughtSpace Athletics Muse is a stable beadless putter that fills the hand comfortably while being not too shallow and not too deep. Spin putters will love its straight flight and push putters will love its dependable stability.

Our Nerve Plastic is blend of polymers that offers a great grip as well as durability but still offers a fair amount of flexibility.

Flight Numbers:

| 3 | 3 | 0 | 2 |

Due to the Swirly nature of this plastic, exact color and foil combination will vary. 

Discs ship separately from disc golf bags.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
Chris Thompson
Nerve Muse

Beyond the amazing graphic, this disc has quickly become my go-to putter. With a great weight and feel, this putter has a super reliable Fade that was easy to adjust to. I plan to buy a 2nd or 3rd at some point to have multiple for practice and long term use.

Wade Johnson
3rd run nerve muse

One of the best grips for putting. Firm and enough grip for perfect release.


This disc is amazing from Circle Two!!

Diana Albury
Chain Grabber

Having switched to the 3rd Run Nerve Muse, my made putts have definitely improved. The plastic is perfect and feels like throwing in broken in leather football. It seems like it grabs the chains, preventing chain outs. This has become my go to putter.

Great Putter

Looking to expand my putting options. I really like this disc, feels good in the hand and flies straight. Expanding my putt skills outside of ten feet has been a challenge. Felt like the Run Nerve Muse solves some consistency issues in my approaches.