UPDG Team Player - Clay Edwards

PICK 9 Interview

Each UPDG Team Player picks 9 questions to answer from a much larger list.

Clay Edwards disc golf
  1. What’s your favorite way to spend a day off?

    Hanging out with the boys!

  2. What was the last thing you read?

    A golfers Mind – Bob Rotella

  3. Are you into podcasts or do you only listen to music?

    I really enjoy sports podcasts. My favorites are Pardon my Take, Runnin it With Nate Sexton, and the Flight Diary.

  4. Are you able to work from home, and if so, do you enjoy it?

    I work from home and love it. I believe work life balance is much better. It also gives me the flexibility to play Disc golf at a high level and practice every day.

  5. Were you close with your family growing up?

    Yes, I live very close to my grandparents and would see them almost on a weekly basis. Our extended family would come into town a few times a year as well. Blood is much thicker than water people!

  6. What do you think makes someone a “good person”?

    Having good intentions with your actions. Someone who wants to help others, lead by setting a good example, and bring people up, not down!

  7. What life lessons have you had to learn the hard way?

    Acceptance is key to happiness. Struggling to accept your current situation will create chaos and disarray. Peace will come from acceptance.

  8. When you want to give up, what keeps you going?

    Discipline and my Desire to be great. Also, my OCD, LOL.

  9. At a party, where can someone find you?

    In a dance circle!