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Team Upper Park

Meet Team Upper Park

Upper Park has sponsored disc golf players for years. With our recent change in ownership we thought a lot about the connection between the players, our brand, and our collective audiences.

Naturally, we want the professional disc golf players to help spread the word about our brand, but we also want to help the players grow their brand. Because building our brands together helps #growthesport. It’s a virtuous cycle and aligns with our core value of creating legendary relationships.

So we’re doing things a little differently. We’re giving our team dedicated social media support to help share engaging content. Our team is made up of professional players who compete in the Disc Golf Pro Tour and also “High Vibers” who are passionate about disc golf in their local communities.

So look for lots of great player-related content on our social media channels, follow all of these amazing players, and join us in celebrating this awesome sport.

Martin Bispels - CEO, Upper Park Disc Golf

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