Upper Park Disc Golf Brand Ambassador Template

Note from Martin: Hello there! Thanks for your interest in creating your very own page on our site!

The idea is to give you a personal space to build your brand, express your personality, promote your code, and have some fun!

To create your Brand Ambassador page: 

  1. Login to your Brand Ambassador portal and click on the ‘pages’ tab.
  2. Click ‘New Page’.
  3. Enter your firstname and lastname in the Page Title field - Your page URL will automatically be upperparkdiscgolf.com/pages/firstname-lastname 
  4. Use the instructions below to make your page amazing!
  5. Save your page

To edit the content of your page:

Use this page as a template. Copy and paste the parts you want to include in your page. Use the editing features in the bar at the top of your page to make your page amazing! 

Highlight some text

Use different colors

Add links

<< Upload images (keep them below 300px wide please) >>

<< Replace my picture with yours - make it about 125 x 125px >>

<< Add your name >> - Upper Park Disc Golf® Brand Ambassador

<< Add your discount code >>

<< Write a greeting for your page. Include some info about yourself, where you live, what you love about disc golf, what you love about Upper Park Disc Golf®, favorite courses, favorite discs, and anything that personalizes your page >>

<< Add links to your favorite products - Use the link icon above to insert links or use some of our popular pages below - Delete the links you don't want to include on your page >> 

Here's an example of a link: https://www.upperparkdiscgolf.com/products/thenewrebel


After you save your page we will review it, and if all looks good, we'll publish it live on our site!

Once published you can add your link to your social profiles/ LInk tree/ etc

 Have fun with it!