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The Shift

Shift Ocean Blue
2022 Shift Graphite

The 2022 Shift Bag

UPDG Lifetime Guarantee

Size: 19” tall, 20.5” tall (with handle), 12.5” wide, 2.5lbs

The Game-Changing 2022 Shift Disc Golf Bag Has Arrived! Exciting New Features Include:

  • Two new long-awaited colors based on feedback from our loyal customers.
  • Hook and loop panel on the outside of the water bottle pocket for patches.
  • All orders include an Upper Park logo patch for the water bottle pocket, a $7.99 value. While supplies last. 
  • Improved durability of all key wear areas including the shoulder straps and pocket attachment points.

Upgraded Ergonomic Design Meets All-Weather Durability. You Get A Disc Golf Bag That Lets You Play Longer - And With More Energy - Than Ever

  • You will notice how comfortable The Shift is when you first slide it on. That’s the beauty of our lightweight, original, ergonomic design - it feels like it was built just for you. Just wait to see how much energy you still have after a full day on the course - even while carrying up to 18 discs!
  • With The Shift, you’ll enjoy all-day playing performance with a disc golf bag that is designed to meet the needs of serious disc golfers while still providing the versatility for intermediate and casual players alike.
  • Storage is The Shift’s sweet spot, with capacity for plenty of discs and additional gear, including four external pockets made of high-grade mesh that expand to fit snacks, gear, and more. Plus, you’ve got D-Rings for rags and towels and waist stash pockets, too.
  • This is the ideal bag for players that want to play through, no matter the weather. Battle through the heat with a 40 oz insulated water bottle holder and a ventilated back panel. Play on through the rain with the waterproof base and included flap-access rain fly. Extra rainfly available for purchase here.  And don’t be afraid to get a little dirty with the 4 individual feet and an abrasion resistant, waterproof base that will keep your bag upright and your discs at the ready.

When it comes to longevity, you won't find a better bag for the price. This bag is built to last.

A Great Fit

Thoughtful custom design elements and upgraded stability make The Shift a great option for athletes of all sizes, even younger players or adults with smaller frames who want access to storage with our ingenious interior design that promotes compact design.

Discs and accessories not included with purchase.

Click to view base insert instructions 

Click to view how to attach the Rainfly

Disc Golf bag positioning

Disc Golf Bag Comparison

Rebel Shift Trainer Draw
Style Pro-Tour bag Lightweight & versatile bag Your bulk storage bag Affordable beginner bag
Storage 30+ discs 18+ discs 40+ discs 11+ discs
Height 22.5" 20" 9.5" 19"
Width 19" 13" 9.5" 16"
Depth 11" 10" 24" 3.5"
Weight 3.3 lbs 2.5 lbs 2.0 lbs 1.2 lbs

Customer Reviews

Based on 280 reviews
The Perfect Bag

This bag has so many great features I didn't know I needed. The waist straps have storage compartments for snacks, the shoulder straps are very adjustable, and the back mesh feels nice. Once broken in, the main storage compartment has plenty of space for four towels, a grip stick (for discs in the water or trees), other tools and even two extra discs. The mini pocket is great too; and as many times as I've knocked over the bag, my whale sac and mini have never fallen out of it. Probably my favorite feature is the water bottle placement so I never feel the weight of it. I also like the option of adding pins and patches onto the bag.

I usually store no more than 16 or 17 discs in it, which is perfectly fine since I used to carry 24 discs per round and never throw half of them. I love how easy it is to move putters in it compared to my old bag that had just one zippered pocket for three. Placing discs on the sides of the bag also makes it easy to separate mids, fairway, and drivers; as opposed to just placing everything in a line.

The only difficulties I had with the bag were inserting the base when it was brand new, and learning how to attach the rain cover. I knew how to insert the base pad, it was just a very tight fit and I could barely see what I was doing. Once I got the pad in as perfect as possible after about 20 minutes or so, it's been fine and I haven't had a single problem with it. Unlike the pad, though, the rain cover came with no instructions on how to attach it, and every video and post online I could find just showed how to attach it on other types of bags. I did eventually figure out the rain cover, and even got to use it a couple times already in the rain, and it's superb.

I've had the bag about a couple weeks now, and it's definitely the best disc golf bag I've ever owned. The quality is outstanding and I can see this bag holding up for many years of play!

Perfect for a mid-sized bag!

I had high expectations prior to receiving The Shift and all were met or exceeded! Discs slide in and out with ease, it’s aesthetically pleasing when packed, weight is acceptable, and my oversized water bottle fits perfectly and is easily accessible.

My only criticism of the bag is that it’d be nice to be able to remove the torso straps, similar to how the chest straps can be taken off. You can bandaid this by tucking them into the zipper pouch pockets and I carry the bag mostly over one shoulder while on the course, so said pouches don’t bug me.

Excellent: my second review.

I’ve had the shift for a few months and love it. Today we played a rainy round today. This bag never disappoints with its features. The rain cover is the best design I have ever seen.

Everyone needs this bag

I have been so impressed with this bag. It's light weight, comfortable, and designed with disc golfers in mind. It has plenty of storage, easy access to discs, and of course Velcro to show off your patch swag. I love this bag!

Perfect bag

Fitz everything that I need and keeps me super organized. Best bag I’ve ever owned