New bags, apparel, and accessories coming for 2021!

November 25, 2020

Upper Park Designs® is now Upper Park Disc Golf®!

New Upper Park Disc Golf

New name, new logo, same commitment to making the best disc golf bags in the sport. We’ve made this change for a few reasons:

First, we want to make it clear that we’re dedicated to the sport of disc golf. It’s our passion. We play, we compete, and we do everything we can to #growthesport.

Also, our logo needed an update and we feel the new look better conveys our brand values. We kept the mountain theme from the original logo and updated it with a modern design. Our font is in keeping with our commitment to innovation and our slogan “Play Different.” The logo color is taken from one of our upcoming bags and we’ve nicknamed the color “Utah” because it reminds us of the beautiful landscape there. The new logo will be on all of our new disc golf bags and accessories which are coming soon!


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