The Ultimate Guide to Disc Golf Bags

The Ultimate Guide to Disc Golf Bags

Disc golf bags are an absolute necessity for both the casual player and enthusiast. The sport requires players to have a variety of discs on hand to confront the challenges of the course. And there’s only one way to get those discs from one hole to the next because caddies are rare in this sport. So, time to grab the multi-purpose workhorse of the bag world! An ideal disc golf bag has to perform multiple functions.

  • Storage
  • Comfort
  • Durability

But first, a little background.

How is disc golf better than golf?

In reality, disc golf is very similar to golf. It gets you outdoors, it's very technical and active, and there are still nine or 18 holes to play. You utilize something that resembles a frisbee, and it's a great alternative to playing golf for the day. Since it’s also not as technical as standard golf, it’s easier for you to jump right into it.

It is also a lot more cost-effective and simpler to play than golf, as you're not lugging around irons on your back or your golf cart. Without that heavy burden, there's also a lot less cost, where beginner golf clubs can be several hundred dollars, with higher quality approaching $1000 or more, whereas disc golf all in (including disc golf bags) can range up to a few hundred max. 

What is the best disc golf bag?

The best can vary based on your overall needs, but if you're looking for a clear winner, it'll be the one that can hold the most discs and ancillary equipment. Yet, at the same time, you don't want to feel as if the sport you're playing is carrying a heavy backpack, so finding that right balance is key.

At Upper Park Disc Golf, we work to curate the best options for all your needs. If you're looking to practice your game simply, we'd recommend the Trainer as that disc golf bag is specifically built to fit in as many discs as possible, answering the question of which disc golf bag fits the most discs.

It's no-nonsense to get your game to its peak. Our offerings are ready for a long day on the course outside, ready to play some disc golf without worrying if you forgot anything.

When you're ready to get yourself to a professional level, you'll want to take a look at The Rebel, which is perfect due to its large capacity, extra durability and compartments to fit your needs. However, for those with a smaller frame and looking for something spacious but more compact and lightweight, we just started offering our new model, the 2022 Shift.

What’s in your disc golf bag?

Remember, our bags at Upper Park Disc Golf are specifically for Disc Golf enthusiasts but, at the same time, are extremely practical, so you'll be able to fit everything you'll need.

Not only will it hold sufficient discs, but they come with specialized compartments for everything else, such as towels, sunscreen, water bottles, small food and snacks to keep up your energy, and even space for your smartphone and a small first aid kit. All of this while still being able to carry a few dozen discs.

Pack smart

Remember to get a specialized Disc Golf bag, something akin to what we're offering. Otherwise, you end up being your own caddy carrying around so many bags and backpacks for each

separate item.

  • Storage
    • What kind of player are you? If you’re on the course every weekend for a full round and appreciate the nuances of each disc, then you’ll want bag that will hold 30+ discs. Casual player with a small collection of discs? A slim backpack will be enough.
  • Comfort
    • Nothing will ruin a day on the course faster than a painful shoulder or sore back. Comfort is critical to ensure optimal play. Look for straps that are cushioned, wide and adjustable.
  • Durability
    • Your bag is going to take a beating. From the weather, the ground and discs themselves. Look for disc golf bags with sturdy bottoms, superior construction and stitching, and made of materials that can stand up to a variety of weather conditions – direct sunlight, heat, water and humidity.
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