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The 2021 Pinch

 The Pinch is your everyday bag with rave reviews from customers including:

  • "What an awesome bag! Everyone I've shown mine to (2 purchased already!!) have been surprised by how nicely made and versatile these bags are. No joke, the Pinch is great for everything. Work, travel, kids park trip, etc. My kids have taken over my "secondary" Pinch, and my wife keeps eyeing mine! Ah well, an excuse to buy two more!!"

Comfort – Durability - Capacity

The Pinch arose from the desire for a disc bag that could do more than just carry discs, an unmet need for an urban style backpack that blends golfing, and the demands of the day.  Whether you're heading into the office or the gym, going on a weekend hike, exploring another country, or playing at your favorite local course, the Pinch adapts to meet the situation and does it with ease.

It even doubles as the perfect Ultimate Frisbee bag, with room for your cleats, towels, waters, extra layers, accessories,  and of course, your frisbee, right up front. The front pocket will store an official sized ultimate disc and still zip closed with ease. 

There is no correct layout for the Pinch - every pocket can hold discs and every pocket can hold your stuff.

17-20 disc storage
Main lower disc (11-14 discs)
Circle flap disc storage (3-4 discs)
Vertical storage pocket (2-3 discs)
Quick-draw mini pocket
Two huge stretch bottle pockets (2 bottles or 2-3 discs per side)
Front zipper accessory storage
Abrasion-resistant, waterproof base

Size: 17in x 11in x 10in (height x width x depth)
Weight: 1.8lbs

Warranty info: At Upper Park Disc Golf®, we guarantee everything we make. If you are not satisfied with one of our products at the time you receive it, or if one of our products doesn't perform to your satisfaction, contact us at and we'll do our best to keep you satisfied.

As a general guideline, we offer 1 year of protection from manufacturing defects for our disc golf bags and 30 days on accessories and apparel. Normal wear is not covered under warranty. While some manufacturers offer a "lifetime guarantee" with many unrealistic restrictions, we don't believe in such nonsense. When you shop with us you can be confident in your purchase and our support.

Discs and accessories not included with purchase.

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