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Team Upper Park

Upper Park has sponsored players for years. With our recent change in ownership we thought a lot about the connection between the players, our brand, and our collective audiences. Naturally, we want the pro players to help spread the word about our brand, but we also want to help the players grow their brand. Because building our brands together helps #growthesport. It’s a virtuous cycle and aligns with one of our core values of creating legendary relationships.

So we’re doing things a little differently. We’re giving our team dedicated social media support to help share engaging content. We’re signing players with a wide array of backgrounds and ratings because we know they all contribute and share our passion for disc golf. And we have some surprises in store for 2021 and beyond.

So look for lots of great player-related content on our social media channels, follow all of these amazing players, and join us in celebrating this awesome sport.

Martin Bispels
CEO, Upper Park Disc Golf


**More players and great content to come!**

Trevor Lee Harbolt

Trevor Lee Harbolt

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Trevor (#26860) is a touring Professional Disc Golfer from Elizabethtown, Kentucky. He began playing Disc Golf at the young age of 7 with his father, Butch Harbolt (#19092) and other family members in the early 90's. He quickly fell in love with the game, and began competing as he grew into a young adult in the PDGA's amateur division winning his first event by 16 strokes. The love for the game was instant.

In 2007 Trevor took some time off of disc golf competitively to travel the United States playing and promoting music with his band, Sever This Illusion. After some disappointing news from his band mates in 2013, the passion for music and the lifestyle of a touring metal band just wasn't how Trevor wanted to do things. But there was a fire building inside for a passion that already existed in his heart and mind and Disc Golf from there on out became his every breath.

Since 2014, he has put in time and work to achieve a level of play needed to compete with the best in the world. Trevor has been touring the United States of America with his girlfriend Courtney Cannon (#70634) and dog since 2017 collecting memories and trophies along the way.

His passion does not end on the course for disc golf. He was appointed to the Professional Disc Golf Associations Board of Directors in 2018 for a one year term, and intends on working with the PDGA for years to come.

While on the Board of Directors, Trevor created the Professional Touring Players Committee to help advise the PDGA on how the players within the sport of Disc Golf can help the governing body of Disc Golf. He also created the Historical Courses document to help secure the history of some of the earliest courses in our sport in hopes to help preserve the courses for many years. Along with his philanthropic work inside the sport, he runs tournaments, clinics, fundraiser events, and maintains the high level of play needed on the Disc Golf Pro Tour.


Justin Menickelli, Ph.D.

Justin Menickelli - Team Upper Park

Justin is a professor at Western Carolina University where he teaches courses in motor behavior, sport psychology, and beginning disc golf.

In 2014, he was bestowed the EDGE/PDGA Award in recognition for teaching disc golf to young people. In 2016, he co-authored the critically acclaimed book, The Definitive Guide to Disc Golf. In 2017, 2018, 2019, and 2020 he was elected President of the PDGA Board of Directors.

When not playing, teaching, or writing about disc golf, he enjoys mountain biking and alpine skiing. Justin lives in the Smoky Mountains of North Carolina with his wife, Kristin, two sons, Aidan and Noah, and a daughter Addison.

John Cloutier

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Mr. Cloutier is pursuing his passion, a career as a professional Disc Golfer. He represents Innova Disc Golf as an Ambassador Team member, Upper Park Disc Golf Pro Team, and has designed several courses in the East Texas area.

His Left Handed independence with the benefit of an ambidextrous nature have led to a quick rise as a touring Masters Professional Disc Golfer, with 28 PDGA sanctioned wins, Top 20 finish at worlds and top 5 at a Major.

Mr. Cloutier has two sons, Johnny (31) and Capt. Jake (27) USMC, and two treasured Grandchildren, Philip Keahi (2) and Camille arriving any day!  

Nate Perkins

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I have always identified as an athlete. I can remember at the age of 8 begging my Dad to let me pitch to him in the backyard. I remember trying way too hard in elementary class dodge ball. I can remember making the varsity football team as a Sophomore at a big Texas High School, it being a huge deal to my peers and my parents. I remember almost making the football team at Harvard. I remember failing to make the football team at the University of Texas at Austin while Mack was still the coach. It hit me hard. All my life I had considered myself an athlete and then suddenly all of it was gone. Reflecting back I actually found myself in a brief period of depression due to the sudden shift in my lifestyle. I continued at UT. I loved my Biology courses but I was missing something without sports. I joined the Bass Fishing Team. I loved it. I was decent. I even won a tournament; the first by a UT student ever. Reaching the top level of bass fishing requires access to resources. A truck, a boat, thousands in gas and entry fees. I had none of those things.

And then I found Disc Golf. I was walking across campus when I saw a group of guys hanging around a Disc Golf basket. I recognized the game. I had played when I was younger. My Dad would take us to play "Night Golf" at Bear Creek park in DFW. A few times in High School I took my friends to do the same. It was fun, but I knew nothing about competitive Disc Golf. The UT Disc Golf team was excited to spill the beans to me about the world of Disc Golf and that there was even a competitive league at the Collegiate level which culminated with the National Championships in Georgia. They invited me to play a local course with them. I was HOOKED! I joined the team. I played everyday. I even rented an apartment next to a course (Roy G Guerrero) in Austin so that I could play more often. I watched every YouTube video I could. Paul Mcbeth, Will Schusterick, Paul Ulibarri, Nikko Locastro, Simon Lizotte. They were my new heroes. I wanted so badly to learn how to throw like them. My good friend on the Disc Golf team, Ben Mandelstein, drove me to watch them play in 2014 at Round Rock. I was mesmerized. I signed up for the PDGA that day. My first tournament was the Collegiate National Championships. It was everything I didn't know I was searching for. A new sport. A thriving community of athletes. And the best part of it all, YOU get to decide how far you want to take it. I signed up for as many tournaments as my bank account would let me. My first official singles tournament my friends told me to sign up for Advanced. I won by 10 strokes. The respect I felt I gained from the 20 people who were there and understood the scores I shot to win was monumental for me. I felt a new calling and I was never going to look back.

Fast forward from 2014 to 2020. I'm so proud to be able to say that Disc Golf is my full time job. It has taken me to 8 different countries and has connected me with a community that is absolutely second to none.

I want to to continue playing Disc Golf for as long as my body will let me. I want to compete at the highest level. I want to win. But more than just the competitive side, I want to share Disc Golf with the world.

Vanessa Van Dyken

Vanessa Van Dyken

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My name is Vanessa, I am from San Diego and I have been a full time touring Disc Golf professional since 2015. My favorite part of the game is putting because it is such a fun feeling when your disc lands in the basket.


Notable wins:
2014 Amateur Female World Champion
2018 Konopîstê Open Champion

Kyle Crabtree

I've been playing disc golf for 17 years starting in my hometown of Santa Maria, CA. I moved to Tacoma, WA in Nov. of 2009 and that is where I currently reside. My most notable win to date has to be the 2007 KC Wide Open National Tour victory along with 2 USDGC putting championships from 2008 & 2010.

Reid Frescura

I'm from Holland, Michigan and proud of it. Been playing for 13 years, touring for the past 4 years and have enjoyed every second of it from car camping to playing with some of the best players in the world. As a left handed player, it can be tough out there sometimes, but just as advantageous at other events. I like long walks on the beach, skiing, and little Caesars pizza. Looking forward to hitting next season hard next year.

Ellen Widboom

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I am 36. Born and raised in Florida. Played sports all my life. Discovered disc golf in 2013 in California.

Lagoon Valley disc golf course in Vacaville, CA is my home course and where I spent most of my afternoons and spare time away from work. Started playing Professionally a few years later. After 10 years in the USAF, I decided to play disc golf full time. 2018 was my first full year touring and I am still doing it 3 years later.

When I am not discing, I enjoy running, working out, petting dogs, going to coffee shops, reading, and finding new food for my vegetarian-ish lifestyle.

My sister, brother, and nephew all play disc golf (for which I am to blame) and I think my nephew will be a world champion one day.

Jordan Castro

I was born in San Francisco California area then relocated to Austin Minnesota when I was in First Grade. AKA SPAM TOWN USA!

I grew up playing Baseball, Football and Basketball. Three sports that I love playing when I'm not on the disc golf course. One of my best friends showed me to this amazing sport. On that day, I witnessed an Ace and have been hooked since. Now I get to travel around the country playing Disc Golf as a Job and meeting so many people.

You can reach out and follow me on Instagram, Facebook and Instagram!  

Terry Rothisburger

My name is Terry Rothlisberger. I started disc golfing in 2012 and started touring full time in 2020.

I’m Sponsored by Discraft and Upper Park Disc Golf.

My favorite Discs right now are the Anax, Buzzz, and Challenger. Check them out!!

Madison Ann Walker

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After switching gears from a full-time biologist to a touring professional disc golfer, Madison combines her love for nature with her love for competing by squeezing hiking, birdwatching, paddling, surfing, SCUBA diving, and rockhounding between tournaments. Madison has toured on the disc golf circuit for five years, hitting all 48 contiguous states in the process, and has proudly carried an Upper Park bag for the duration of her professional career (and has even taken the Shift on an 11 mile backcountry hike in the Needles District of Canyonlands National Park!).

Madison feels strongly about growing the sport of disc golf, and is actively engaged in clinics and outreach throughout the year. She is an ambassador for the youth disc golf organization UPlayDG that encourages physical activity through disc golf, she has volunteered at the EDGE Village and Throw Pink at USDGC for five years, and she is a member of the PDGA Women's Committee. Madison hopes to one day integrate her passions for science education and disc golf, and believes the options for this are endless with creativity and passion!

Photo credit to Alyssa Van Lanen


Courtney "Pixie" Cannon

Courtney joined the Disc Golf Pro Tour in 2017, she has won 4 C tiers, 6 B tiers, and 3 A tiers. She has also made this Disc Golf Pro Tour Championship 2017, 2018, and 2020.


Tim Barham

Tim Barham from Hartland MI. Started competing in 2012. Favorite disc golf location is Smugglers Notch, Vermont. Favorite disc is the Buzzz SS.


James Proctor

James Proctor started playing disc golf with his Dad in the early 2000’s in Northern California. He loves disc golf for the competition, the lifelong friendships, and the amazing places he has traveled to.


Andrew Fish

Andrew Fish (he/him/his) plays out of Baltimore, MD, and is also sponsored by Discraft. Fish tours sparingly, but keeps a busy schedule in the mid-Atlantic with 50 career wins, including 10 A-tiers in MPO, as of 2020. He’s known for smooth midrange shots, alleged “sneaky distance”, grimy trucker hats, and whining when people lump him in with ultimate players.

Fish’s preferred UPDG bag is the Shift, but he uses the Rebel on courses with lots of water, because he gets cranky when he loses discs he likes.

You can find him on Instagram and Twitter at @fish58320 for social commentary, sass, and rambling like an old guy.  


Stanislaus "Stan" Amann

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"My Discogolf-Story started at Christmas 2015 when my parents wanted to give ultimate discs to me and my brother and accidentally bought us disc golf discs. From then on my brother and I slowly felled in love with this game. We found out that there is a course about 50km from our home and that there are tournaments in all of Austria.

My first tournament participation in the Austrian mountains in summer of 2016 was where my career as a competitive player began. In the following years I realized what amazing things this sport has to offer and totally got addicted by everything in disc golf. So far I participated at tournaments in 16 different countries. The experiences and friendships I made during those trips are unforgettable and make me always feeling thankful to be part of this game.

My opinion has always been that competing at the biggest events and against the best players makes myself a better player. This concept worked out very well for me and so far I can call myself Champion of a Euro Tour event and Central European Champion.

I'm already very curious what the future has to offer me as I’m starting a new chapter now to travel together with my brother to many events all over Europe. To me disc golf was always more than just a sport, it`s a lifestyle!"

Bonaventura "Bowen" Amann

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Hey! I am Bonaventura Amann. At the age of 12 I started to play ball golf where I showed a lot of talent. But when my brother and I discovered disc golf, which we came to completely random, I had to make a decision in what sport I want to put my time into. My first tournament was very successful as I made second place in the juniors division with a rating average of 958 which surprised the whole Austrian disc golf community as nobody knew me at this point.

In summer 2020 I became the first thousand rated player in Austria which brought me to the decision to do it full time after graduating at CircArtive, a school for circus and performance arts. The best part for me is that from now on my brother and I will follow the same lifestyle and tour across Europe throughout the season. I can't wait to see what the future holds for us!

Alexander Lyon

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Hi my name is Alex Lyon and I live in Sacramento California. Disc golf is my passion and the path that I want to follow in life. My dad always said “if you love what you do you’ll never work a day in your life” and that’s always kept me focused on pursuing my dream of competing in professional disc golf as my career.

Chandler Fry

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My name is Chandler Fry, aka the Chanimal, and disc golf is my life. I've been obsessed since 2013, and my passion for the sport is only getting stronger. Since turning professional in 2008, I have traveled throughout N. America, playing disc golf, meeting new friends and having countless adventures along the way. I have amassed over 200 tournaments over the years, and have maintained a 1000+ rating for over a decade.

I am honored to have Upper Park Disc Golf join me on my journey! The 2021 season is looking bright, and I can't wait to get it started!

Phill Diloné

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I am going on my 7th year playing this game that we all know and love so much. I strive to not only get better, but to have fun, play new courses, meet new people, educate people, and to take myself to higher levels along the way.

I am from Michigan, and currently living in Detroit. I am adventurous and a go getter! I’ve played 275+ courses in the short 6 years of playing this game and have traveled to all 50 states and 20+ countries before I was 30.

I am excited to represent Upper Park Disc Golf, and add them to the list of other great companies that believe in me! I grew up in a Dojo, and with hard work, dedication, and controlling your mental game anything is possible!

I’m very excited to be on Team Upper Park Disc Golf and can’t wait for 2021! You can follow me @basketcasediscgolf or @phillyd1834! Remember never give up, even if you’re the underdog!

Austin Hoop

Hi, my name is Austin Hoop and I started playing disc golf around 2015 in Northern California. I started competing professionally in 2017.

I love this sport for its camaraderie amongst the players and the competition.

My most notable win would be my A-tier win at the NorCal Championships in 2019.

Greg Hill

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Disc golf is one of my biggest passions. I love casual rounds with friends and family as well as competing in events.

Over the last few seasons I have been running a putting league at our local brewery and has quickly become one of the biggest putting leagues in the state. We are averaging 55-65 player per week and have introduced over 50 new players to the game.

I also enjoy being a course steward in my local area. Getting our courses ready for tournaments and general course upkeep has always been my way to give back to the sport that has given me so much.

In 2021 we will be relocating and I am looking forward to working on course development.

Jonathon Foster

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My name is Jonathan Foster, and I am from Edmond, OK. I am 21 and am currently a junior at Oklahoma State University.

I have been playing disc golf competitively since 2015. I have a passion for not just playing disc golf but also running events. I run an annual charity event “Throwing for a Cure” which has raised over $17,500 for the Alzheimer’s Association.

One of my favorite things about playing disc golf is getting to meet new people from all different walks of life.

I have had my Rebel bag since 2015 and have used it in every tournament I have ever played in. The comfort and durability of Upper Park Disc Golf bags is truly unmatched!

Andrew Presnell

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Andrew has been playing disc golf for 8 years and has been a touring professional the last 4 seasons. Andrew currently lives in Ozark, Missouri but you can find him on the course most of the time.

His favorite course is Maple Hill in Leicester, MA. He says, "It's great mix of open and wooded golf. The course challenges all aspects of a player's game. The property is beautiful and the course is always maintained.

"Andrew will be representing @DiscraftDiscGolf again for the 2021 season. 

Niclas Enarsson

Hello, My name is Niclas Enarsson (#46940) and I’m a Disc golfer who lives in Stockholm/Sweden. Born in 1989 and have been playing for over 10 years. My son Charlie was born in March 2018 and of course I got him a PDGA membership(#107575).

One of the goals I’ve been having was to build a course. And so I did, started with a 9-hole course that will be upgraded to 18 holes season 2021.

The best sound in the world, to hear a disc hit the chains. Keep growing the sport and more courses will pop up!

Kymen Modig

My name is Kymen Modig and I live in Sweden with my fiancee and my 2 kids.

I started playing Disc Golf year 2000 (when I were 11 years old) but switched to Ultimate Frisbee during 2003 and got back to Disc Golf during 2013.

In Ultimate I'm a multiple National Champion in both U20, Mixed and Open division but in Disc Golf my best placement is 10th (2017,2020) so far, haha.

A future goal in Disc Golf is to become a Swedish Champion so hopefully through hard work and dedication my dream will come true!

When I don't spend time with my family, I play Disc Golf or working at Disc Sport (biggest store in Sweden and top 3 in Europe) so as you can see a big part of my life circles around this lovely sport!

Allen Risley

Hello! My name is Allen Risley. I am PDGA #1752 and have been playing disc golf and other flying disc sports for over 40 years.

I grew up in Florida in the 1970’s across the river from Kennedy Space Center and learned how to play disc golf at the famous Rockledge Disc Golf Course, under the mentorship and friendship of PDGA Hall of Famers like Steve Slasor (#33), Tom Monroe (#33), Gregg Hosfeld (#1602), John David (#790), Patti Kunkle (#283) and Tim Willis (#1401). I ran my first PDGA-sanctioned tournament in 1984 in Tallahassee, FL and authored the PDGA’s first Course Directory in 1985.

After a break from competition to start a family and career, I started playing disc golf again regularly in the early 2000’s in my new home of San Marcos, CA. I started organizing events and developing disc golf courses again and even got my son involved in the sport. I now compete as an age-protected amateur, co-run a 20-event Ice Bowl Series, run the Challenge at Goat Hill Park PDGA A-tier tournament and serve on the boards of the San Diego Aces and So Cal Disc Golf Clubs.

I love disc golf and what it has brought into my life. Exercise, sightseeing, friendship, challenge and memories – all great things. With my wealth of experiences and the skills I have picked up along the way, I want to help as many people, of all ages, genders, backgrounds and skill levels, have fun playing disc golf.

Marty "Doc" Vaughn

Howdy guys and gals, my first disc golf experience was in 1995, My wife and I were living in Austin, TX after serving in the Navy. We saw some baskets at Zilker park and people were throwing frisbees into them. My first thought was OMG frisbee golf is a really legit thing now! I used to play urban golf back in the 1970's. After my first throw at a basket I was hooked and have never looked back. After 2 weeks of playing I knew I needed a pole hole, that's what baskets were called in the early days. The internet wasn't a thing, so I found a tag on a basket with a phone number. I called the number and bought a basket, the coolest part of this basket search story is that the sales guy I ordered from, his name was Ed Hedrick. Didn't realize who he was until later on.

Fast forward to 1998, We moved to a little town in Canterbury NH, my wife is originally from here. We bought a little farm, I wasn't thinking about farming, I was instantly thinking I'll build a disc golf course out on the property. Disc golf was pretty much non-existent in NH and I wasn't going to let that go any longer, In my mind everyone should play or at least know what disc golf is. With disc golf comes really neat people. In 2009 I started designing and building a course with my tractor and chainsaw,. In 2011 I was ready to open the course to the public. We named it Top O' The Hill. My course is now ranked number one in NH and 28th in the US and 66th in the world according to Disc Golf Scene. That is such an honor for me, and knowing I have been a part of growing the sport.

I am a co-founder of the Live Free and Drive Tour, which is a tour highlighting all the best courses in NH through a series of tournaments. We are in our seventh year of putting on this tour and it has grown in popularity so much since the beginning.

I am sponsored by Innova Champion Discs as an ambassador for their team. Before I became an ambassador I was on team Millennium for three years. I'm one of the original members of Upper Park and super stoked to be back representing the best disc golf bags ever created.

I am currently building another course adjacent to our course so we can have even bigger events,. I have roughly 65 acres to work with. I'm estimating the course will be just over 9000 feet. Top O' The Hill is 6500 feet. My dream is to be a part of the pro tour in the future. That's pretty much me ya'll, I look forward to meeting as many of you as I can in the future.

Greg Barsby

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“I’m an active player on tour as well as the 2018 Pro Disc Golf World Champion.

I found a disc in 1993 in Northern California where I grew up, and began to play professionally in 2003. Disc Golf is life for me! The culture & all the wonderful people met across the world have welcomed me, and I’m grateful to do what I love for a living. Looking forward to another great season, and having Upper Park on my back!”