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Upper Park Disc Golf

Pinch PRO Disc Golf Bag

Pinch PRO Disc Golf Bag

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⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ Verified Review: Amazing, Efficient Bag!

Everything about The Pinch is amazing. The number of discs it can hold (20+), the price and quality. It's a nice compact bag that can do a lot for its size. My go-to disc golf bag. ~Masato Takeshita
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Time Tested Original Designs - Upper Park Disc Golf started in 2011. We launched the Pinch in 2017 and have made regular updates and improvements based on customer feedback and our focus on constant innovation. The current Pinch Pro is rebuilt from the ground up with improved materials, stitching, and sustainability in mind.

Dimensions: 30+ disc capacity,  20” high 18” wide 13” deep. 2.95 lbs

Introducing the all-new Pinch Bag for 2023! This bag is the perfect combination of style, functionality, and durability. Is it a mini-Rebel? Or your new "everyday" bag? You decide!

The large zippered side pockets give you extra storage for all your essentials, while the larger front pocket makes it easy to grab anything you need. The added feet make it stable on any surface, while the improved carrying handle and shoulder straps make it comfortable to carry. Plus, the rear air channel keeps you cool on hot days, and the waterproof material on the bottom keeps your discs dry in wet weather.

This bag can hold up to 31 discs - 16 in the main lower disc pocket, 3-4 in the circle flap disc storage, and 2-3 in the vertical storage pocket. There are also side pockets for water, accessories, or up to 10 discs. And now, with three sets of interchangeable zipper pulls in different colors, you can customize your bag to match your style!

Whether you’re looking for a “mini-Rebel” or your ideal “everyday” disc golf bag, this is the perfect choice for players of all levels. With its certified recycled materials, this bag is an environmentally friendly choice you can feel good about.

The Pinch Pro disc golf bag also seamlessly transitions into a versatile crossover sports bag, ingeniously designed to accommodate pickleball gear alongside disc golf essentials.

Get the Pinch Bag today and experience the difference!

Here are the upgrades from the original Pinch:

  • New large, zippered side pockets
  • Larger front pocket
  • Added feet for stability
  • Stronger carrying handle
  • Stronger shoulder straps
  • Rear air channel for improved comfort on hot days
  • Reinforced side walls for stability
  • Waterproof material added to the bottom for wet days
  • 16–31 disc storage
  • Main lower disc (11-14 discs)
  • Circle flap disc storage (3-4 discs)
  • Vertical storage pocket (2-3 discs)
  • Side pockets (for water, accessories, or up to 10 discs)
  • Made from certified recycled materials because we care about our environment
  • Three sets of interchangeable zipper pulls in different colors for customizable style

Onyx and Dune Colors
Voted on by our customers.

  • Onyx - ⚫ The Onyx Color Disc Golf Bag embodies the essence of understated luxury. With its deep, rich onyx hue, this bag exudes a sense of sophistication that resonates on and off the course. Make a statement without saying a word, as you carry a bag that's as refined as your gameplay.
  • Dune - 🏜️ Desert Essence: The Dune Color Disc Golf Bag captures the soul of the vast desert, bringing the spirit of exploration to your disc golf journey. With its earthy and warm dune color, this bag is a tribute to the beauty of untouched landscapes and the thrill of outdoor pursuits.
  • Sunrise - 🌄 ”With dawn's tender touch, the sky blushes in hues of rose and gold, unveiling a sunrise that whispers promises of a new day.” - Anonymous

    For this special edition Sunrise Pinch Pro, we partnered with Home Thrown Customs in Ohio. Bobby from HTC is a good human and we’re thrilled to support him and his family. You can see his artistry in this beautiful sunrise peaking over our mountain logo. Experience all the colors of a sunrise with the airbrush design covering all sides of the bag.

    Each Artist Airbrushed disc golf bag is heat set for long-lasting durability. Heat-setting airbrush designs is a critical step to ensure their longevity, vibrancy, and resilience. By chemically bonding the paint to the surface and enhancing its adhesion, heat setting creates a protective barrier that guards against fading, peeling, and other forms of deterioration. We also add a layer of clear waterproof over the entire bag.  Read more. Each Artist Airbrushed disc golf bag is airbrushed by hand so variations will occur. Please allow 5-7 days after your order is placed for your bag to ship.

    Limited edition means limited quantities of each design. So get them while they last!

 Discs and accessories not included with purchase.

Click to watch a video on how to attach the zipper pulls

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You haven’t got a Pinch Pro yet? What are you doing?

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Customer Reviews

Based on 172 reviews

Extremely comfortable and surprisingly light! Adequate storage for all my discs and my other accessories.

Daniel Jensen
Best "Budget" bag on the market

Bag is well made, holds a ton of discs, stands up nicely, and looks great. It's far better than the basic bags you can buy at big box retailers. I've tried most and this one blows them out of the water.

Kinsey Wood

Best bag I have had

Great bag for the low price

This bag does it all. Great for all courses lite weight even if you have it maxed out with disc.

Aurelio Gonzalez
Greatest bag I’ve own so far!

The Pinch Pro stands out as the best bag I've ever carried! With ample space for all your discs, it's versatile – go minimal or pack your drinks. An additional highlight: it's Major Gear Ryzer compatible!