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Us vs Them – It’s All in the Materials

Disc golf bags are an essential resource in your sports routine. They can be made from a variety of materials that influence the weight and user experience for disc golfers. Choosing an ideal disc golf bag is based on a few things—style, size, material, colors, features, and of course, storage capacity.

Our disc golf bags are designed and developed in the USA. Our bags are currently manufactured in Vietnam which allows access to world-class materials and craftsmanship along with affordable retail prices.

Our new Onyx Rebel is the first disc golf bag made with certified recycled materials. This is part of our overall sustainability efforts and our plan to have all of our bags made with recycled materials in the future.

In this article, we will break down everything you need to know about disc golf bag materials, the advantages of each, and our options here at Upper Park Disk Golf.

The Original Disk Golf Bag Material: Cordura

Cordura is a synthetic fiber material that has been used for decades, dating back to the 1980s. At the time, it was the only reliable material for athletics, travel, apparel and even military wear. Many disk golf bag companies still use Cordura today as a primary production material.


Although Cordura is a good option, it’s since been outdated by new emerging materials that not only improve weight but also durability, color retention and tear resistance. Consequently, the disk golfer's experience can be further enhanced by materials like polyester, nylon, and Tarpaulin in their sports bags.

Innovative Premium Materials That Enhance Your Disk Golf Bag

Here at Upper Park Disk Golf, we leverage a unique production design to create the best bags for all of your performance needs. The materials we use are 420D Ripstop polyester, 600D Nylon, Stretch Mesh and Tarpaulin. We will briefly break down the benefits of each of these materials.

420D Ripstop polyester

Polyester is a high-strength material that is extremely resilient against weathering, wear and abrasion. The low-moisture profile allows liquids to evaporate quickly, maintaining dryness and superior stain resistance. The lightweight materials keep the weight low on your disk golf bag, enhancing performance for disk golfers.

600D Nylon

Nylon ensures color retention in harsh weather conditions and high exposure to sunlight. Nylon fabrics have amazing elastic retention that allows for extreme without compromising the shape of the fabric. Alongside Polyester, Nylon adds to the timeless durability of our disc golf bags.

Stretch Mesh

Stretch mesh materials optimize the storage space of disc golf bags with elastic, tear-resistant fabric. Mesh has a high resistance to mildew and UV ray damage, making it a great option for the exterior spaces of disc golf bags.


Tarpaulin is a high-quality waterproof cloth-like material, originally created from tarred canvas. We use tarpaulin to reinforce our bags with an added layer of protection and water-resistant, ensuring disk golfers have peace of mind through all conditions.

Upgrade Your Performance with Superior Disk Golf Bags

It’s our priority at Upper Park Disk Golf to offer disk golfers the highest quality bags built for performance. Our bags prioritize comfort in all scenarios with a lightweight carry that never compromises durability.


Unlike competitor brands, our bags leverage a unique combination of materials, designs and colors created with the user in mind. Our bags are designed with an intuitive structure that maximizes storage capability and efficiency during performance.


Each material was individually chosen to guarantee lightweight durability inside and out. Further, the diverse color options maintain vibrancy for years through all weathering conditions and make it easy to identify your bag on the field.


Are you ready to find your next disk golf bag? Explore our wide variety of options here at Upper Park Disk Golf.

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