The Upper Park Guide to Discs

The Upper Park Guide to Discs

Whether an amateur or professional when it comes to the great sport of disc golf, there are a few tips and tricks one can use to select a disc golf disc. Save the frisbees for the beach. Disc golf discs come in variety of styles, with a purpose to match. And each is designed differently and not all are meant for beginners.

How To Pick a Disc Golf Disc

First, you need to ask yourself if you're looking for a beginner disc golf disc or wondering how many different disc golf discs you'll need. You're looking at four major components with each disc golf disc; speed, glide, turn and fade. For those starting out, you’ll want to work with the discs that help you get the most power with minimal technique, so you’re looking for those with high glide and turn.

As you pick up your skills, you'll be able to properly throw those disc golf distance drivers to get the maximum distance with the first throws. Then it's all about switching to the control drivers that help you get towards the hole. Finally, if you need a bit more control with the direction, you look towards a mid-range driver that gives maximum control.

What are the different types of disc golf discs?

These four types of discs encompass the sport of disc golf, and are used for different types of shots under a variety of situations.

  • Distance drivers: pro-disc, fast, long-range, difficult to maneuver
  • Fairway drivers: shorter range, easier to control, but still fast and requires experience
  • Mid-range: good all-around disc, good for practice, multi-purpose
  • Putters: good for beginners, short-distances, straight shots

Which disc golf driver is the best?

Those that you have the easiest to throw with. That means you’re looking for an over-stable option that provides the best grip out there. When it comes to disc golf drivers, you want to make sure it has a turn of at least -1 so that it won't flip over and has a nice weight to it.

Again, looking for the best in disc golf drivers is a matter of preference and what your technique and skill can use. Stick with companies that only make discs for disc golf as a good starting area.

Can you play disc golf with a standard frisbee?

If you're just starting out or practicing down a course, then there's no issue with using a standard frisbee. Bear in mind, though, that as you proceed on your journey of becoming a professional or even semi-pro disc golf player, you'll need, at the minimum, three different types of discs to ensure you have the correct weights and control for the game. Therefore, a frisbee will only get you so far.

What disc golf disc goes the farthest?

For those who want to know which disc golf disc will go the furthest simply, you're basically looking for the best options. First of all, it would have to be a driver model disc as those are built to go the longest distance possible.

This is because drivers are built to be thrown with the most power out of all your disc golf disc options while being the most aerodynamic.

This means looking at the Innova and Discraft series, which are professionals who only manufacture disc golf discs and ancillary equipment. You'll find the best speed and control on these, and with the right type of technique, you're able to throw these models the furthest consistently.

Once you’ve picked out the golf discs you’re going to go with, you’ll need to be carrying them around in something which does them justice. And the best way to carry your new discs across the course is with these Upper Park disc golf bags. Plenty to choose from to be the perfect companion to your Disc golf game.

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