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New to Disc Golf? This Sport Can Change Your Life…Literally

New to Disc Golf? This Sport Can Change Your Life…Literally

When you discover a new sport or hobby that resonates with you and lights a spark of interest, the feeling is difficult to describe. In some ways, it’s like going on a promising first date with a new potential partner. You feel like you’re discovering a new world. There are so many things you want to know, and so many questions to ask! You think about your new sport day and night, and you’re always looking forward to the next time you can get out onto the field or court. Most of all, you feel invested in doing it as well as you can and giving it everything you have. And as with a new romance, the more you invest, the more enjoyment you often receive in return. 

New devotees of disc golf—or even just casual players— sometimes feel that spark of initial passion, and if they fan the flames and invest a little time, attention and practice, the game returns those investments tenfold. Here are a few ways that tends to happen.

Disc golf has a steep learning curve.

It’s a sport that only takes a single session to learn, but you can spend a lifetime improving your skills and polishing your game. Anyone can play! And every time you get out on the disc golf course, you get a little bit better at it. Every disc toss helps you boost your speed and accuracy, and frustrating plateaus don’t really impede your disc golf progress the same way they do with some other sports. Once you start, you’re already having fun, and you’re already improving.

Disc golf is healthy!

It’s been said that just picking up a new habit, like a short walk each morning, can dramatically boost your heart health over time. And with better circulation and heart health, every cell in your body receives more efficient oxygen delivery, including your muscles and brain. Imagine spending a few minutes or hours each week outside in the fresh air doing something you love, and imagine that simple activity adding years to your life. Keep your joints, heart, and brain active and let some time in the sun boost your mental health as well.

Disc golf is safe.

In this age of social distancing, almost every sport comes with some measure of risk. But without social interaction, life can become lonely and stale. Disc golf lets you have fun with your friends, make new ones, and keep a safe distance at the same time. Disc golf park designs usually involve sprawling, scenic outdoor spaces with plenty of breathing room for everyone.

Disc golf builds life skills.

Teamwork, coordination, communication, leadership, and fun are all part of a healthy life and a well-rounded personality. The skills you learn on the course can be applied to work, relationships, and life in general. Grab your disc golf bag, then hit the course and find out!

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