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Has Your Game Hit a Plateau?

Has Your Game Hit a Plateau?

The typical disc golf learning curve arcs upward, and then hits The Wall. You know this is happening to you when you fly through the first few milestones and bask in the praise and encouragement of your coaches and peers…then the applause seems to come less often. The milestones along your path seem to thin out. And eventually it seems harder than necessary to change the arc of your toss or increase your range the way you once did. Here’s how to get past that barrier and keep moving forward.

Recognize that you’re not alone.

This plateau effect is common in almost every sport. But in activities with a steep learning curve like disc golf, the effect seems more intense. This is simply because it’s so easy to gain skills and grow rapidly during the first few outings…especially if you have natural talent. The high of rapid progress is unbeatable, but it comes with stronger confusion and frustration when it levels off.

These aren’t daily motions.

We’ve all played frisbee in our lives and throwing a disc has been part of our athletic pantheon since ancient Greece (and earlier). But we don’t engage in this kind of full body toss motion every day. So the muscles and neural networks you’re developing have been underused until now. Have patience as these unfamiliar movements become second nature, like running or jumping.

A coach or mentor can help.

Follow the guidance of someone who’s disc golf game is a step (or ten steps) ahead of yours. How did they achieve their accuracy and distance? What are they doing right and what can you learn from them by watching and listening? If your chosen role model is capable of and interested in teaching you, great! If not, just watch and learn.

Respect muscle memory, for better or worse.

Muscle memory can be powerful, and if your subtle motions and techniques are on target, muscle memory can step in and help take you the rest of the way to disc golf greatness. But if you’re doing something imperfectly, doing it over and over again can have the same effect in the opposite direction. Before you ingrain a bad habit, stop. Getting yourself out of a plateau doesn’t necessarily mean powering through by repetition and brute force. Try new motions and new techniques. Experiment and explore. Stay loose.

For more on how to keep your game fluid and evolving, reach out to the team at Upper Park Disc Golf! We can connect you to the gear, tips, and community support you need to succeed. 


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