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Disc Golf Pro Tips: Do You Really Need Fancy Gear?

Disc Golf Pro Tips: Do You Really Need Fancy Gear?

When you’re out on the disc golf course with advanced players, you may hear one subject of conversation come up over and over again: gear. People who are serious about their game also tend to be serious about their stuff—a truth that applies not just to disc golf, but to almost any outdoor sport with varying levels of commitment. If you listen to deeply invested players for any length of time, you may start to wonder if there really is a connection between fancy expensive gear and higher game performance. Can better packs, discs, and shoes really help you score more points and get more enjoyment out of your time on the field?

Yes and no.

As with almost any intense, gear-heavy outdoor activity from distance running to rock climbing, our advice is simple: try it first. Spend some time immersed in the activity to see how much you really enjoy it. Get to know the people who play this game. Are they your kind of people? Does this environment make you feel energized and renewed? Do these people feel like potential friends? Do the challenges of this activity spark excitement for you? Spend a few afternoons on the disc golf course learning the basics and think about how often you’d like to return.

If your experience is similar to ours, you’ll love it so much you may never want to leave.

And if that’s the case—if your first few dates with disc golf evolve into a lasting romance—that’s when it’s time to invest. For now, a few cheap discs and a multipurpose backpack should do the trick. But when you fall head over heels for everything disc golf has to offer (and we’re pretty sure you will!)  spend some time looking for clothes that keep you comfortable in all types of weather and versatile packs that keep your discs organized and accessible. You won’t regret it!!

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