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Disc Golf Backpacks: 5 Signs of Excellent Design

What Should You Look for in a Disc Golf Backpack? Five Signs of Excellent Design

If you’ve been playing disc golf for years, you’ve probably worn through a few backpacks and had a chance to try different models, and at this point, you probably know exactly what you like and how to find it. But if you’re new to the game, you only know one thing: a good backpack is an investment. How can you be sure you’re spending your money on something that will fit, last, and help you get the most out of your time on the course? Here are some features to look for. 

A Durable Base

Your pack will be picked up, set down, and sometimes dropped, over and over again for years. It will land on tables, floors, grassy lawns, the muddy ground, the entranceway of your home, the trunk of your car, and it may even have to survive a plane flight or two. If it’s filled with water bottles, discs and accessories, the bottom of the bag will probably wear out first. Check the base to make sure your bag is reinforced with multiple layers of tough fabric that can endure rough treatment.

Strong Stitching and Smart Connections

Next, check the seams and closures to make sure they can withstand pressure, stretching, overstuffing, and the kind of abuse that can come with an intense level of play. Pay special attention the zippers, clips and snaps that hold the bag closed. When these break, the bag’s life is essentially over, so look for tough materials and sensible design. Check the inside as well as the outside, since constantly taking discs in and out of the bag can place wear and tear on inner storage pouches.

Comfortable Straps

You won’t be happy in the long run with a bag you don’t enjoy carrying around. Are the straps wide and padded to evenly distribute weight across your shoulders and chest? Are the joints that connect them to the body strong and reinforced?


The perfect bag fits you perfectly, but since people come in all shapes and sizes, the bag you choose should be adjustable at multiple points. You should be able to pull the straps tight so the bag fits high on your mid back when both shoulder straps are in place.

Storage that Meets Your Needs

You level and style of play may mean you need lots of interior pouches with open tops and easy access. Don’t get a bag that just turns into a santa sack full of disorganized discs. You may also want to have special pouches for drinking water, your phone, and your paper and pens.

Check out our wide variety of rugged, stylish backpack designs and find a model that fits your game!

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