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Disc Golf: An Outdoor Sport that’s Safe, Fun, and Social

Disc Golf: An Outdoor Sport that’s Safe, Fun, and Social

It’s been a long year, and as the cold weather closes in and the virus spreads at an alarming rate, sunny days and fun social gatherings are starting to seem far, far away. For those who love the outdoors, sports, and group activities, these times can be especially challenging. But what if you found a sport that could offer everything you need and everything you’ve been missing, with almost none of the risk?

With appropriate layers of warm, breathable clothing and proper shoes, solitary activities like running are perfectly manageable in the winter cold. If you like company, camaraderie, and competition, put on the same clothes and try disc golf! Grab a warm hoodie and a durable, versatile disc golf backpack, then fill the backpack with your discs and water bottle. Get your friends together, hit the disc golf park, and play all afternoon. There’s no need to come within six feet of each other, and wearing a mask won’t interfere with your game or your good time.

Every player can bring his or her own bag, discs, and snacks, and none of you need to set foot indoors. It’s an easy game to learn, and unless you’re wading through the snow, you can play during any season of the year.

Zoom calls and multiplayer video games are fine for some, but around here, we love the outdoors and we’d rather meet face to face and generate some endorphins than that chat behind a screen. Are you with us? 

Visit the Upper Park Disc Golf website and browse through our disc golf accessories, tips for winter play, and coaching advice to help you get the most out of your game. Even if you can’t hit the course right now, we can help you gear up and stay in shape so you’re ready for the spring!

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