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Acquiring Minds Podcast: Successful Acquisition Entrepreneurs

Check out Martin Bispels on the Acquiring Minds podcast on 9/14/2021

Growing a Flippa Business to $2 Million

Martin Bispels was as prepared as he could be before acquiring a business.

He had the experience. He had a great business partner. They had done their research. They knew exactly what they were looking for. And it has paid off.

Martin spent 17 years at home shopping network QVC, working his way up from entry-level positions to sales team lead and eventually to vice president of business development, or as he calls it “the crazy idea department.

Martin Bispels
He wanted to work directly with small companies, so in 2014 he left QVC to start his own consulting practice. He did that until he decided he wanted to own and operate his own company, which happened to be right around the start of the pandemic.
I probably did more vetting and more diligence, because it was disc golf, because I knew that that was something I would naturally really enjoy being part of.

Martin and his business partner Jim defined their goals, knew what they were looking for — consumer product, not dependent on Amazon, innovative, asset light, easily transferable — and recognized the opportunity when they came across Upper Park Disc Golf on Flippa.

After thoroughly vetting the company and planning out the first year of business, Martin and Jim acquired Upper Park, an e-commerce store that sells bags and apparel for disc golf, in September 2020.

In this episode, he explains why he did even more due diligence when he found a company in an industry he personally liked, and why he doesn’t pay attention to acquisition market trends. He also shares how Upper Park has grown dramatically over the past year (approaching $2m in sales) and what his plans are for the future.

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