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Upper Park Disc Golf

Shift Disc Golf Bag

Shift Disc Golf Bag

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The Shift Bag - Pre-Orders Starting Soon!

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Our lightest and most versatile bag

⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ Verified Review: Very comfortable and accessible

I love that I can see all my options and don't need to go digging around in the bag to find discs. Plus it is the most comfortable bag that I have owned ~Bradford L.
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Comfort – Durability - Capacity

Time Tested Original Designs - Upper Park Disc Golf started in 2011. We launched the Shift iin 2012 and have made regular updates and improvements based on customer feedback and our focus on constant innovation. The current Shift is rebuilt from the ground up with improved materials, stitching, and sustainability in mind.

Dimensions: 18+ disc capacity, 19” tall, 20.5” tall (with handle), 12.5” wide, 2.5 lbs 

Top Shift bag features include:

Brilliant Design: When it comes to sheer design, we don't compromise on anything. The Shift is our lightweight and versatile disc golf bag, loved by disc golf players and hiking enthusiasts alike because of its all-day comfort. A large water bottle pocket is front and center for even weight distribution, along with zipper accessory storage, interior sidewall pockets, detachable Velcro compartments, deeper pockets for mini discs or phone holder. A fold-down base insert is easy to install. A ventilated back panel keeps you cool on hot days.Built To Last: Durable, long length shoulder straps to fit larger humans, Abrasion-resistant, waterproof base, Smart Storage: 18+ disc capacity with a large center compartment, vertical disc pockets and side mesh disc pockets, Mini disc/ phone holder in top center compartment near carry handle

  • Velcro patch on the front water bottle pocket is made for patches

Comfort: This disc golf backpack is brilliantly designed to distribute the weight so that carrying it is a breeze. At just 2.5 pounds, it stays light, no matter how much gear you load. Many of our verified product reviews mention how lightweight and comfortable the Shift is, even on hiking trips.Versatility: There is no correct layout for the Shift - every pocket can hold discs and every pocket can hold your stuff. The side elastic pockets can hold drivers, midranges, or putters, depending on your preference. The inside of this disc golf backpack has removable Velcro compartments where you can effortlessly separate your gear and change the size on either side, or remove them completely for extra room to groove. Three sets of interchangeable zipper pulls in different colors for customizable styleMade with certified recycled materials - 100% recycled polyester main and accent fabrics. Why? Because we all care about our environment Free Rain Fly: Included with each bag, our rain fly will keep your gear dry in wet weather View how to attach the Rainfly (rain cover)Click to watch a video on how to attach the zipper pulls

Onyx and Dune Colors
Voted on by our customers.

  • Onyx - ⚫ The Onyx Color Disc Golf Bag embodies the essence of understated luxury. With its deep, rich onyx hue, this bag exudes a sense of sophistication that resonates on and off the course. Make a statement without saying a word, as you carry a bag that's as refined as your gameplay.
  • Dune - 🏜️ Desert Essence: The Dune Color Disc Golf Bag captures the soul of the vast desert, bringing the spirit of exploration to your disc golf journey. With its earthy and warm dune color, this bag is a tribute to the beauty of untouched landscapes and the thrill of outdoor pursuits.

  Discs and accessories not included with purchase.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 445 reviews

Absolutely love this bag, lightweight and comfortable. Must have for the upgrade you’re looking for!

Paul Corrigan
A fantastic bag

I love this bag. I've got 18 discs in it comfortably. I appreciate the newly designed bottom, keeping the bag upright and dry. It has enough extra storage in the bottom for beverages. The only thing that needs improvement is the top pocket. You can't store anything in there.

rex mustain
TRexx rating of the UD Shift bag

Love the bag mostly, it does tend to topple over at times if you donot have a nearly full 40oz. waterbottle in the front pocket. It overall is a bag I love, and would buy again, I think. It is very comfortable to carry. I currently have 18 discs I carry on most rounds. If it is as durable as I think it will be ( I play 2+ rounds per week) so about 100 rounds per year.

Bryan Aker Jr

Shift Disc Golf Bag

Light weight, well built, but takes some getting used to

The Shift is a very well made bag, and the light weight really helps it not be too bad on my aging back. I wish it had a bit better storage though. There isn't really a place to put a large phone (I use a Pixel 7 Pro), other than loose in the open storage in the middle. The mini pocket on the side by the water bottle is also really tight with those disc pockets full. Still, I'm very pleased with my purchase, I just need to learn to adapt to it a bit...