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Kids Disc Golf - Lim. Ed. Pinch

Black/Yellow zippers

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The reviews speak for themselves. There's nothing quite like the Pinch.

This is a Version 2 Pinch Bag. As proud supporters of Kids Disc Golf, we worked together to find a bag that would be a great entry into disc golf while also fitting the size requirements for a smaller frame. With the compact footprint and light build of the Pinch combined with the durability and ability to "grow into" the bag, it was a no brainer to get these made. Show your support for KDG by purchasing one of these limited edition black/yellow Version 2 Pinch bags. 

Version 2 Pinch Bag Updates

  • Expanded main opening for easier bottom disc insert/removal
  • Inner disc pocket raised up for easier access to lower storage
  • Back panel support length extended to base for improved structure
  • Lower loop added to stop larger towels from dragging
  • New Heather Grey color scheme

The Pinch was created out of a pure desire for a disc bag that could do more than just carry discs. An unmet need for a multi-propose backpack that we consider a blend between your needs while golfing and your needs throughout the rest of the day. Whether you're heading into the office or the gym, on a weekend hike, exploring another country, or at your favorite local course - the Pinch adapts to meet the situation and does it with ease.

There is no correct layout for the Pinch - every pocket can hold discs and every pocket can hold your stuff.

Note: It even doubles as the perfect Ultimate Frisbee bag. Room for your cleats, towels, waters, extra layers, accessories.. and of course, your frisbee. Right upfront.The front pocket will store an official sized ultimate disc and still zip closed with ease. 

17-20 disc storage
Main lower disc (11-14 discs)
Circle flap disc storage (3-4 discs)
Vertical storage pocket (2-3 discs)
Quick-draw mini pocket
Two huge stretch bottle pockets (2 bottles or 2-3 discs per side)
Front zipper accessory storage
Abrasion-resistant, waterproof base

Size: 17in x 11in x 10in (h x w x d)
Weight: 1.8lbs

Colors may vary slightly from pictures
Discs not included with purchase