UPDG Team Player - Jordan Castro

PICK 9 Interview

Each UPDG Team Player picks 9 questions to answer from a much larger list.

  1. If you could choose your own work schedule, would you?

    I think i already have the best job in the world. Travel, Play Disc Golf, and get paid while doing it. Meeting so many new people, promoting myself and representing all the brands/products that support me.

  2. What’s your go-to guilty pleasure?

    Sweets. Anything sugary. I’m a sucker for desserts.

  3. What do you remember most about your first job?

    I worked at a sandwich shop so i dealt with a lot of people. Just being polite, kind and interacting with each person with a positive attitude. being on time, and being held to my actions.

  4. Which family member has had the greatest impact on you?

    My Dad. He passed away with Cancer. After he passed, I used it as my motivation to get healthy and eat better. I lost 200lbs in 3 Years.

  5. How has your perspective on the world changed over time?

    Live every moment to the fullest because everything happens so fast and tomorrow isn’t promised. I’ve beyond thankful, grateful and blessed to be having one of the best life's.

  6. If you could have a superpower, what would it be?

    Flying. Seeing the views from above. It gets me everytime i travel in a plane or on top of a building.

  7. What’s your favorite thing about your current job?

    Interacting with fans all over the country whether it’s social media, tournaments or clinics. On and off the courses.

  8. Do you and your family have any nicknames for each other?

    Everybody called me George because of my love for bananas.

  9. What are you most proud of in the last year?

    Enjoying every single moment no matter how i played. Staying positive when life through me a negative.