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Ask Upper Park

At Upper Park Disc Golf we celebrate the connection between our players, our brand, and our collective audiences. Because building our brands together helps #growthesport. It’s a virtuous cycle and aligns with one of our core values of creating legendary relationships. Ask Upper Park is your chance to ask our player team anything you like! Tips and advice, stories from the tour, insider scoop. It’s all fair game.


Episode #1

Johnny Discgolf presents your questions to Team Upper Park members Tim Barham, Nate Perkins, and Andrew Presnell.


▬▬▬ Contents of this video ▬▬▬

0:00 - Intro

5:44 - All: What have you been up to lately? -Adam G.

7:49 - Andrew: What is your ideal course layout? -Matthew W

8:43 - All: What are your favorite courses? -Kyle N.

11:25 - All: What do you like about the UPDG bags? -Anthony M.

15:55 - All: How do you avoid overuse injuries? -Joshua H.

20:05 - Andrew: Will you start integrating forehands? -Markham S.

21:36 - Nate: Is it an effort to start using backhands more?

23:57 - Tim: Where does your putting confidence come from?

26:23 - All: What's the biggest difference between 980-rated players and 1010, 1040? -Alex H.

33:07 - All: What was your personal favorite Ace? -John H.

36:37 - All: What is your dream card? -Kyle N.