Four (4) Sticker Pack | Upper Park Disc Golf

Four (4) Sticker Pack

Ah, stickers. Don’t you just love ‘em! Put these Upper Park Disc Golf stickers everywhere! On your fridge, cart, car bumper, cooler, guitar case, mirror, or forehead. We won't judge.

Each pack includes two (2) of each sticker for a total of four (4) stickers.

Two (2) 3” Round Stickers

  • White vinyl stickers offer permanent or removable adhesive on the back
  • Size: 3" diameter
Two (2) Removable Vinyl Bumper Sticker
  • These removable stickers are made with high-quality removable Zip-Strip vinyl, so they peel off without damage to bumpers
  • Size: 3" x 11-1/2"