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The Trainer

Size: 9.5” tall, 9.5” wide, 24” deep, 2 lbs

The Trainer is our bulk disc golf storage solution

UPDG Lifetime Guarantee
Trainer Chili Red
Trainer Royal Blue
Trainer Steel Grey

Checkout some of the rave reviews from customers such as:

  • “This thing is SWEET!! Lots of storage, super durable, and it LOOKS nice, too!! My favorite duffel style disc golf bag so far from the major brands.”
  • "I bought 2 Trainers, and gave them to 2 different people. They both love them! They fit in the car, make the discs easy to organize and locate, and transport well. 5 stars PLUS!!
  • "This disc golf backpack is perfect for field work. It holds gobs and gobs of discs so I can really focus on specific aspects of my game without having to carry multiple bags."

Comfort – Durability - Capacity

Your discs are everywhere. Stacked in the closet, boxed in your trunk, or scattered across the backyard. It's time to take control of your addiction and give your plastic an organized place to rest. With room for 40 discs, a zippered end pocket and the option to carry the Trainer with the handles or over your shoulder - this bag just became a necessity for your disc golf lifestyle.

  • 40 disc storage
  • 3 velcro plastic disc dividers
  • Zippered end storage
  • Mesh pocket
  • Shoulder strap
  • Dual handle grips

Still reading? Check out the awesome JK Disc Golf review in the video below and get your Trainer today!

All in-stock bags ship within 24 hours.

Colors may vary slightly from pictures.  Discs not included with purchase.

Disc Golf bag positioning

Rebel Shift Trainer Draw
Style Pro-Tour bag Lightweight & versatile bag Your bulk storage bag Affordable beginner bag
Storage 30+ discs 18+ discs 40+ discs 11+ discs
Height 22.5" 20" 9.5" 19"
Width 19" 13" 9.5" 16"
Depth 11" 10" 24" 3.5"
Weight 3.3 lbs 2.5 lbs 2.0 lbs 1.2 lbs


Customer Reviews

Based on 39 reviews
Great bag for car storage

I had all my discs in my car in a 12x12 tote until the sides started to bulge out and some of my discs warped because I've accumulated way too many. Now, with the trainer, I have an organized storage bag for them. This bag will be nice for field practice as well. I use the pocket on the end to store all my minis! Great bag overall. I'm considering buying another one for a friend.

Love it, great storage bag

I got a Trainer to help me store discs in my home. I currently have it filled with putters, so will be easy to carry them out when doing putting practice. The bag seems really well made, the pull zipper works well, and good quality. I am not using the velcro inserts currently as I only have putters in it, but can see how they would be very helpful when separating drivers, mids, putters, etc. All is great with the bag so far. I have taken it out for putting practice, and it would be nice to have a padded shoulder strap.

“The Trainer”

I love this bag, it is perfect for any fieldwork or putting session. I just received it a few days ago and can’t stop using it!

Game Changing

The Trainer has changed my game in an very short period of time, I now look forward to fieldwork and throw twice as many discs per go around allowing me to drill in changes to my form. The quality and feel are so nice that I am tempted to use it when traveling.

Erik Karlgren
Great bag and high quality!

The Field Work hero!