Ask Upper Park

Brand New Show: Ask Upper Park!

By now you’ve probably seen that we launched a new video series called Ask Upper Park. Hosted by the intrepid Johnny Discgolf this is the place where our guests answer all your disc golf related questions! Prior to each episode we will be posting a form for you to submit your questions to our team members. 

What to expect

In the first episode of our disc golf podcast, we discussed experiences on the professional tour. We also talked about other tournaments and courses with esteemed guests! They revealed their favorite course as well as how some are quite a hike. A few highlights from this show: The Upper Park Disc Golf Bags have many helpful features that make them different from others out there - like giving you more space to hold your stuff! (check it out starting at 11:00).  

Have you been wondering what the best way to take care of your disc golf equipment is? Or do you have a question about where the best places to play are? Now, there is no need to wonder! Head over and ask our team members anything in Ask Upper Park.

Why we launched the show

Our company is committed to a set of core values and our products are designed for all types of play, from casual to professional. Our team encourages everyone we know in the disc golf community - whether they're professionals or just playing casually with their friends. We join other industry partners in promoting this incredible sport!

We can't believe how much the sport has grown. Disc golf is such a great game that anyone could play, even if they're not good at other sports or are too old for other games. This show is just one way we can help #growthesport.

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